Chapter Secrets 72 – Chapter 872

20 years and many more to come! It’s been almost 2 years that I’ve been doing chapter secrets and I’ll try to be there for the rest of the road!

872 1872 2872 3872 4872 5



    • Hey Raizo, love your videos! 😀
      About that, he mentioned in several interviews the progress of One Piece with specific %s, which, when you calculate any of them, it always sets the 100% as 1200 chapters. For example, if he says that around chapter 710 the series is 60% done, that means 100% = 1200. He’s been very consistant ith that, not to mention that he also claimed that the pre-TS as the first half of the series.


  1. You didn’t spot Caesar stalking Strawhats while he hides behind a tree! It’s the same panel where they discuss how there are going to escape, the right corner. I wonder if it means anything regarding his further development as a character.


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