Chapter Secrets 60 – Chapter 860

This chapter was an absolute feast to the eyes. Oda really outdid himself with the art.

Took me a while, but it’s one of the best I’ve done in some time. Go get some food (preferrably sweet) and enjoy!

860 1860 2860 3860 4860 5860 6860 7860 8860 9


  1. I really enjoyed the introduction of the Underworld Bosses because I like how Oda’s character designs can be so diverse and creative. I also apreciate a lot how there is a boss for Illegal Loans, Prostitution, Funerals, News, Storage, Shipments and Organs, etc, it just makes the Underworld more realistic because such criminal organisations/bussiness do exist in reality and it makes the One Piece Universe even more complex. 🙂 (Although it seems weird to me that there isn’t a Boss of drug trafficking… or maybe the storage/shipment ones are in charge of drug, human and all type of trafficking in general…)

    I especially liked the Bird Mink because: a) In reality, social media has so much influence, news are often controled by corrupt people and used to manipulate or desinform masses, so it makes total sense to me that an underworld boss would control the news. As Big Mom would say “information is power”; b) He looks like a Sesame Steet character, which is kinda hilarous and makes it hard for me to take him seriously. XD

    I think Katakuri’s power of using Observation Haki to see the future is simply the same ability Enel and the evil priests of Skypiea had developed, but more advanced, so it’s definitely not a talent so accurate as Madam’s Shyarly. I mean, Madam Shyarly was born with a natural talent to predict the future, but I think Kataruki just has developed his perceotion so much he can kind of perceive the presence of people even in long distance, read what people are thinking in the present, or maybe perceive “intentions/motivations”. I also believe that Big Mom’s “Iron Balloon” is simply a more advanced technique or expertise of Armament Haki that allows her to maintain unconsciously an iron body while also moving and almost all the time.

    As always, I really enjoyed your chapter secrets, and the information of Mata Hari was very interesting! Thanks Arthur 😀 You’re awesome.

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