Chapter Secrets 56 – Chapter 856

With break next week, the chapter falls on March 2nd… literally an hour before I recieve Breath of the Wild… Well, I’m always up for a challenge.



One comment

  1. Excellent Job as Always! I’m really starting to wonder if the missing tooth is gonna become a permanent fixture of Luffy’s design. Or as you said, it might become a Gold Tooth. Blackbeard should really get some of those himself.

    Nice catch on the imagery in the mirrors!

    I agree on Capone being connected to the figures in the rain, particularly since Jimbei was alluding to him the page before.

    I didn’t catch that bit with Noda Skywalker actually. I wonder why their submissions keep being picked. Though to be honest, I’d really like for a new Cover Story to begin. Maybe one for some of the Don Quixote Family Members?


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