Chapter Secrets Special 12 – Share the Urouge

No chapter this week? Fear cough not! I might cough have a bad fever, but I am here to cough save the day!


Here’s a good amount of Urouge NicoNico videos. Please keep in mind it requires you to create an account, but it’s your usual simple registration, so don’t worry about it, it’ll be worth it

Urouge is Everywhere. Urouge is Everything

The Urouge Show:

Urouge’s sensual jiggling abs (Yes. I know.)

One Piece Film U:

Happy Birthday Urouge!:

Urouge x X Drake

40 minutes of heavenly music with a pic of Urouge in the background

Killer is Urouge???:

Urouge Acapella:

I don’t even fucking know at this point:

Urouge saves Keimi and uses Haki:

The original, the legend:


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