Chapter Secrets 53 – Chapter 853

Sorry for the slight delay, but timezones and sleep schedules really screwed me with this one. Anyways, enjoy!

Chapter 853 1.jpg

option-1option-2option-3option-4option-5option-6option-7option-8Chapter 853 2.png


Don’t ask me why this gallery is here. I can’t remove it so… I dunno, enjoy it.


One comment

  1. Excellent Job as Always! I really liked your Clue section! That was super fun! I had Ace Attorney music playing in my head. 🙂

    I never noticed that about Pre-Timeskip Brook’s wardobe! O_O

    I’m of the mind that Sanji has some kind of plan in mind. He’s not stupid, even if it’s a reckless plan, he has something up his sleeve.

    I also like the way that BM plays with Brook like a Doll. Sort of makes Whole Cake feel like a Doll House with all of her Homies. (y’know, inanimate things being alive)


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