Chapter Secrets 31 – Chapter 831

Phew, I’m finally done with finals.


Now I feel so tired… but duty calls! To the Chaptersecretsmobile! But first, a brief message:

True History Announcement 2Chapter 831 1Chapter 831 2Chapter 831 3Chapter 831 4

Oh and I almost forgot! I previously mentioned that Whole Cake Island might be based on the world “Candy Chateau” from the video game Rayman. The clone in this chapter could be based on Rayman’s clone, who copies every single of your moves, which also appears on Candy Chateau




  1. huh, for some reason I didn’t make the connection between the Phantom Sanji and the Cheshire Cat. Boy do I feel dumb XD

    I should really read Alice in Wonderland before we too get much further into this arc. I’m gonna miss a lot of stuff.

    Excellent Job as always! And nice catch with the Mirror Rayman! 😉

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