Chapter Secrets 30 – Chapter 830

I might have gone through possibly the hardest math exam of my life… I might have a fever… but I’m still gonna do Chapter Secrets!!

Oh hey, this chapter looks simple, it probably won’t take any time

*hours and hours later


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  1. Excellent Job as always!

    I do want to point out though, that between Pedro acknowledging Pekkoms past behavior, his “fall” here previously, and Pekkoms working with Big Mom. I believe this all ties together, and will be a flashback we’ll see later in the arc. Either, Pekkoms betrayed Pedro, and went to work for Big Mom, sending Pedro packing, or Pekkoms sacrificed himself, and pledged allegiance to Big Mom, to save him and Pedro, and Pedro just feels Pekkoms betrayed him. I’m guessing the latter.

    Also, you missed the Mizuame Gastronomy. Allow me. Ahem!


    Mizuame, translated directly into “water candy,” is a sweetener used in many Japanese confections. Similar to corn syrup, Mizuame is made through converting starch into sugar. It’s commonly made by adding acid to potato starch, though a richer variety Mugi Mizuame, is made through a more traditional method of mixing malt with glutinous rice, and allowing it to naturally convert into a syrup. It’s clear color, and honey-like viscosity and taste make it a popular ingredient in sweets. It can be a main ingredient, or added to a dish to give it a nice sheen.

    Looking into it though, I couldn’t find anything on it’s freezing point. It either doesn’t freeze until many many degrees below freezing temperature, which wouldn’t make sense since none of the Strawhat’s seemed cold, despite wearing normal clothes. Or it doesn’t freeze, like honey, and just become more and more viscous. I may be missing something, but it seems to just be an error.

    Thx for your wonderful work! Hope you feel better from your fever! 😉

    Me gusta

    • I don’t usually adapt every single gastronomy (for example I also left out Moscato and Mont d’Or), mostly not to drag out the chapter too long and for time constraints, right now I’m during finals. But thanks for doing it for me! 🙂 Didn’t really research it, so it was interesting to read it!

      And I could definetely see Pekoms sacrificing himself, he really seems like a good guy at heart, despite the Gaaaooooish exterior

      Me gusta

      • Oh. I didn’t realize you were still had finals. My frame of reference has been super off this term, as I finished school very early this time.

        And I can see why you skip some, just that one took me around an hour. But I’m still green, so maybe it’s a little easier for you.

        Well Good Luck with your finals! 😀

        Me gusta


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