Chapter Secrets Special 6 – Romance in One Piece: an objective look at canonical love

Many love shipping and that is perfectly fine. However, I’ve never had any interest in shipping in my life and I always prefered to look at things for what the author really wants to display. I often don’t like romances because they’re “cute”, but how they can cleverly tie within the narrative. This is a canonical take on what One Piece has to offer in terms of love and what are my opinions and speculations on it:

However keep in mind: I AM NOT A SHIPPER and I have no personal interest in shipping. I respect whoever wants to ship but it is not something I like myself. The following is completely unbiased and seen from a more objective and literary-narrative point of view.

Please do not post any comments saying “ONE PIECE DOES NOT HAVE LOVE IN IT” because this article is not interested in tackling that. Also DO NOT START ANY SHIPPING WARS, this is for canonical unbiased reasons only.

I am not trying to sink any ships, and I’m sorry if this ideas contradict your ship, but please keep this shipless.

This is also just my own point of view and not necessarely that of Oda.

Just don’t take these as personal shippings or personal preference, just what the most probable story outcome might be. In other words, just imagine this as a glorified theory.

Special 1

Special 2

Special 3

Special 4

Special 5

Special 6 and a half

Please be respectful in anything you discuss!

Take care! ^^



  1. hello, i would like to know which chapter is this quote from picture number one???
    “She didn’t speak a word… After 3 days, she committed suicide!!” thanks


  2. Saw this through the Recent Comment section. I’m really glad I found it! This is super great! I hadn’t ever thought about their relationship much. I always just saw it as them being good friends (which isn’t untrue), but you’ve sold me! I very much expect Luffy and Nami to stick together in the end, even if some of the others go their separate ways (Usopp to Kaya, Chopper to go help the sick, Sanji may perhaps open his own Sea Resturant in All Blue, Robin may spread her knowledge if the WG’s gone, etc.).


  3. Just read this article and by pure coincidence, I’ve been rereading One Piece at the moment, and I’ve just found out that Usopp is wearing Luffy’s hat in chapter 318 (in fact all of Davy Back fight Luffy’s round) so that is voidifing your argument about Luffy loving Nami more than others.


  4. he said directly luffy directly put the hat on nami head as a sign of trust usopp only had the hat because
    use he was going into a battle he gave her it to reassure her he will win

    complete different context


  5. I will never give up on Luffy and Nami being together, it’s because he needs her as much as she needs him and together they complete each other. We all know Luffy’s character, nothing will come out of him, it’s all up to Nami. Knowing how her character develops, I just hope one day her feelings develop for Luffy too (like in Strong World it seemed that there is some kind of hidden feelings for Luffy).


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