Chapter Secrets – Chapter 981 in-depth analysis

Don’t forget that the final chapter of Return to the Reverie will be releasing tomorrow (Tuesday)! Be sure not to miss it!

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  1. Who’s Who’s crew having a cat theme was the most interesting thing for me in this chapter,maybe a clue to his DF.
    I really,really hope he has a Smilodon DF now.

    Finally got to see one of the Numbers…and i have to say i’m not a fan of his design.Just another goofy design from Oda.

    I may be alone in thinking this…but I wish that the Tobi Roppo had been the Numbers instead.
    Given the card theme of the BP i think it would have made more sense,to have the Numbers 1-10,Jack,Queen,King as the top structure in the crew.

    But anyway it was a very good chapter this week.


    • Thank you so much for this week’s in-depth analysis.

      I believe the katana that the catwoman on Who’s Who right is carrying is in fact his katana, as seen in Chapter 978.


  2. Hey Artur, what about analysing connections between chinese And japanese Zodyacs and the colorspread ? and also, an analysis of the zodyac references / symbols throughout the whole series ?!

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  3. You’ve made a nice job 🙂
    For me this chapter was quite entertaining… Really BM Pirates will get an ornithophobia in the end of Wano Kuni Arc (will they ever get there anyway?) xD


  4. Hello Arthur. Marco can now leave the Sphinx Island alone since Weevil is probably being chased down by Marines now after the decision to terminate the Shichibukai system. Seeing Marco here is just one of the many chained impacts of the Reverie. No Shichibukai > Shichibukais hunted by Marines > Marco being freed from the responsibility of protecting Sphinx > (Fujitora being the target of previous sinister Shichibukais probably) etc.


  5. I swear Who’s Who looks like Duval’s smaller cousin.

    Also: no love for Sanji’s dejected reaction to seeing Big Mom changing?


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