One Piece Stampede – Spoiler Talk!

Expect a spoiler-free review later, but for now I want to dive into spoilers. FULL spoilers. I’m going to spoil the movie from absolute head to toes. I will however contain spoilers exclusively within this thread, so please try to be conscious when talking about these on other social media and be respectful for those that wish to not be spoiled

DISCLAIMER: Having watched the movie only one time, I’m just going off my own memory here, so I can’t say for sure if everything is 100% right. I am pretty confident about my memory, but take it with some grain of salt and don’t take anything as a complete fact, especially if I’m not certain about it. I’m also not a native Japanese speaker, so I didn’t fully catch everything, meaning some story elements could be missing or something. Particularly regarding Festa and Bullet’s motivations, so there might be more to it in the movie that isn’t in this summary. Also, scenes aren’t necessarily in perfect chronological order because the movie hops around A LOT. Scenes constantly change so while I’ve arranged everything around where it is, I can’t recall at what point exactly was each scene in perfect chronology, just in general order

Summary: (for a tl;dr and major points scroll all the way down)

The movie opens up with a flashback to the Paramount War, when Blackbeard is breaking out the top fighters in Level 6. As he gathers his new crewmembers, he spots Bullet in his cell, having massacred the bodies of his cellmates. Blackbeard recognizes him and decides to go away as he’s too scared to confront him. Bullet breaks out of his cell and leaves the prison. (this is Blackbeard’s only appearance within the movie)

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.00.28

Flashforward to the current year, Festa is setting up the Pirate Expo and talks to Bullet about fulfilling their ambition together (the scene at the moonlit island from the trailer). He talks about the expo and how that will be their great chance to change the world.

We then cut to the expo, with the Straw Hats approaching Delta Island to join in the festivities. Luffy is excited to know they’ll be hunting down Roger’s treasure. The Straw Hats arrive at the expo and join in the festivities, having fun at many of the festival’s attractions in a short montage. After that, the treasure race begins, where everybody gets ready to participate. The big participants include the Straw Hats, all the Supernovas (including Barto and Cabbage), the Foxy Pirates and Wapol’s newly re-founded crew. However, an injured Law appears among the backstreets of the expo, having found out about the truth of the festival. Buggy appears, with a 30 second long introduction as he just brags about himself. He’s apparently late to the treasure race because he got too distracted at the expo. He spots Law and tries to attack him, but Law spots the Sunny from the corner of his eye and Shambles onto it since he knows he can trust the Straw Hats.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.01.20

Moderato and Ann are introduced as the hosts. Ann does a display of the Bijyo Bijyo no Mi (Vision Vision Fruit) by replicating the Punk Hazard Dragon nº13, but unfortunately this is the only time it is used in the movie. It is explained that long ago Roger left this treasure on this very island himself, being one of the greatest treasures he’s ever had and that only today, through a certain phenomenon, will that treasure finally be availabble. The race for Roger’s treasure begins, but suddenly a whirlpool forms at the center of the island. From it comes out a Knock Up Stream, towering over the island for a good while. On top of it lies an island within a bubble (similar to Fishman Island), being sustained at the top of the Knock Up Stream. Turns out this is a long-since sunken island that has finally risen from the depths containing Roger’s treasure, finally making his treasure reachable! Participants must race all the way to the top to that island to find Roger’s treasure and whoever takes it first is the winner!


All ships advance, but the Straw Hats retreat for a moment. However, as contestants fight over climbing the Knock Up Stream (it features a sort of water path that goes up counterclockwise, almost like a spiral staircase, hence why ships can ride it). Many of the Supernovas and other pirates fight among themselves to get in the lead. The Straw Hats return, with Franky having decked out the Sunny with penguin features, as the Sunny flying version! (an homage to the “chicken” Merry) They use a coup de burst to go up the Knock Up Stream (blowing away Buggy’s Big Top behind them in the process) and get in the lead. However, Law pops out of the ship’s cabin, telling the Straw Hats to be careful and leave the island, as Festa is planning something. The crew understands, so they decide to split up, with Chopper, Robin, Sanji and Brook assisting Law to find what’s behind this festival and Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Franky going after the treasure. The first group drops out of the Sunny on the Shark Submerge, leaping off the Knock Up Stream. They’re about to crash down but Robin saves them by using Cien Flower: Wing.


Luffy and the other contestants arrive at the island on top, spotting the ship with the treasure on top of a central hill. Everyone rushes towards it, with many fighters from each crew clashing against each other. Killer leaps at Luffy, but Zoro intercepts him, declaring to fight him. Zoro smiles and snickers at Killer (I see what you did there Oda). Luffy rushes ahead but is stopped by Apoo. However, as they’re busy fighting, Kid outruns them both and goes ahead, but is stopped by Drake. Luffy brings out an Elephant Gun and knocks both of them back, rushing ahead towards the treasure, with them giving chase behind hhim. Bege sends his men out of his body to surround other pirates, but Bonney uses her powers to turn many of them into babies and elders (which shows us her powers finally in action, being a sort of pink plasma-like substance in her hands she touches them with), laughing at Bege from atop a hill afterwards. Meanwhile Hawkins just sits calculating his chances with his cards.

Around this point in the movie (both scenarios kinda switch back and forth), we have the other Straw Hat team infiltrating inside Festa’s base. The group almost gets caught because Brook drops a big fart. Robin and Brook use their powers to overhear Festa declaring the arrival of a Buster Call; something that causes Robin to freeze in terror for a few seconds. They attempt to run away to inform the others, but are confronted by Smoker, who also came to investigate. Brook stops Smoker and Sanji assists him by fighting him with haki (still no black coating though, lol). Robin and Law rush ahead. They go through the tunnels until Robin overhears the sound of dust in the air. “It’s been a long while… Miss All-Sunday” greets Crocodile, forming in front of them. Robin says that there must be some big reason for him to be there, to which Crocodile agrees, claiming to be interested in Roger’s treasure and what it might entail.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.00.26

Back at the race, Luffy makes for the mountain where the treasure is, but the Ma D. Monk himself pops out of the middle of the mountain, pushing Luffy off of it. The two engage in a brief battle. However, as everyone is busy fighting, someone sneaks unadverted on the treasure ship, claiming Roger’s treasure for himself: it’s the future pirate King, Buggy-sama! While there is a lot of gold on the ship, the treasure is located within one simple, tiny treasure chest. Buggy finds it and is declared the winner of the race, with the treasure his. Who could’ve guessed Buggy would’ve been the winner!

Luffy leaps towards Buggy trying to get the treasure, but Buggy runs away. Buggy opens the treasure chest to see what’s inside, but he is frozen by fear. “What is THIS doing here???” he exclaims. However, at that point, a mysterious figure grabs a massive ship and hurls it towards the island from below. The ship crashes into the island and, being loaded with explosives, blows the island up. The Knock Up Stream ends and the island crumbles and shatters to pieces, falling down towards Delta Island below. The chest slips from Buggy’s hands, falling down to the island, freaking out about how he lost the treasure (completely forgetting he could use his powers to get it, because Buggy’s that dumb). The supernovas and other pirates make it safely down through various means (interestingly Hawkins straight up dies from the fall, but survives thanks to a straw man of his). Among those falling there’s Usopp, who sees the treasure chest in mid-air and catches it. He opens it to look at its contents, also freezing in sheer shock at what’s inside. To make matters worse, it seem the Buster Call is approaching the island and everybody begins to panic.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.10.27

However, as everyone is getting back up on their feet, someone suddenly appears and massacres Usopp in seconds, holding his battered up body as he gets the chest. This is Douglas Bullet. 4-5m+ in size, a hulking body and an epic theme that is almost as good and epic as Katakuri’s. Buggy recognizes Bullet, quivering in fear: he claims that during Roger’s prime Bullet was the strongest member of Roger’s crew alongside Rayleigh and that he might’ve even surpassed him by now as he’s trained all this time in Impel Down to get stronger. Bullet’s bounty is in the billions and is considered an absolute monster in the OP world.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.10.29

Bullet uses a blast of Conqueror’s haki that knocks out everyone aside from the Supernovas, but Luffy counters it with a blast of his own. The impact of this clash is so massive that embers form in the air from it. Bullet tosses Usopp in the air and Luffy tries to catch him but Bullet instantly leaps in front of him, using Future Sight to foresee his movement (uses the same future sight effect from the anime) before Luffy can even grab Usopp. Bullet moves at supersonic speed, practically as fast as Kizaru, with none of the Supernovas being able to even see him. Luffy decides to fight Bullet to avenge Usopp, asking the other Supernovas “to not interfere in his fight”, but they join in as well. However, Bullet easily keeps up with all of them: Hawkins turns into Goma no So to attack him, but Bullet dodges him faster than he can see. Apoo and Urouge try to attack him, but to no avail. Allosaurus Drake bites Bullet, but his teeth do nothing on him and Bullet just tosses Drake around like a toy. Luffy and Kid team up for a dual attack with Elephant Gun and Kid’s metal hand, but Bullet swats both away with just a wrist of his hand. Bege enters Big Father mode, but Bullet punches through it just like Big Mom did, causing Bege to fall back (but remain transformed). Killer leaps at him with his scythes and tries to decapitate him, but the blades simply won’t cut his neck. Bonney attempts to touch him, but Bullet pushes her away before she can even make contact.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.03.13

However, after some teamwork, the supernovas manage to hit him and Luffy and Kid unleash another team attack, with Luffy’s Red Hawk landing a hit and pushing him away. This destroys his clothes and damages him slightly. However, Bullet gets up rather unscathed and claims he’s going to get serious. Bullet proceeds to wreck the Supernovas even further, but Luffy decides to enter Gear Fourth: Snakeman! The two clash for a while, with Luffy ultimately unleashing King Cobra (with as much flair as in the Luffy vs Katakuri finale), the two landing a hit on each other just like with Katakuri. Both are sent flying, but both eventually get back up, Luffy being a bit weakened due to G4 effects and Bullet being still rather unscathed and having taken only some damage.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.02.05

Bullet then decides to use his devil fruit, the Gasha Gasha no Mi, a fruit that can assemble any item into complex contraptions, summoning metal parts from his ship to create a massive robot exoskeleton. As he gets inside of the exoskeleton, Bullet delivers a speech about Roger and even tells the Supernovas that he’ll let them in on what the contents of the box are. “This treasure… is the One Piece”. The Supernovas gasp in shock and so does the whole theater because holy shit.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.16.22
fafvbdgfdbgdfbgdbgdkgb excuse me?????

Anyways, during this time, the Buster Call has already been summoned on the island, with Marines storming the shores and landing on the island to fight the pirates as the island is being bombed. A big war breaks out, with both factions of Marines and pirates clashing against each other. Koby rushes in to fight pirates, supported by Helmeppo, with Hina also being there. Sentomaru dispatches a group of Pacifistas towards the island and several Vice-Admirals, such as Momonga and Dalmatian, also land.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.00.41

Zoro and the others meet up at the beach alongside Bartolomeo and Cavendish, with Barto finally getting to meet Nami-sempai for the first time and becoming an absolute fanboy. However, something comes flying from the Marine ships and Zoro intercepts it: it’s Fujitora! Meanwhile, Buggy is completely terrified of everything going on, so he decides to ditch his large robe for his normal clothing. With it he also removes his wig and in quite possibly the movie’s biggest twist, reveals that he’s actually blonde beneath. The Foxy Pirates suddenly appear behind the Straw Hats with Foxy menacingly saying “Fehfehfeh… Straw Hats, we’re here to…. ASK YOU FOR HELP, PLEASE SAVE US” as they all bow begging to be helped. Nami scolds them to do so themselves.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.00.50

Back with Bullet, he reveals the contents of the treasure chest… Roger’s lost treasure is… an eternal pose to Raftel! Quite literally, a free ticket to the One Piece, hence why Bullet referred to it that way. But in an even bigger twist, it’s revealed that Raftel is not its name… no, the actual canon name of the island, even in the main series, the official romanization, is actually… Laugh Tale… the island of tales of those who laughed. This is why I love Oda.


(note: in Japanese, you can write both the same. We just assumed it was Raftel for years, but guess Oda just bamboozled all of us)


Bullet gets into his suit, destroying the supernovas even further with it, without them being able to put as much of a dent in it, as he coats it with haki. He delivers a speech about him not needing anyone by his side, as he feels having weak subordinates is just a burden, putting Usopp as an example. He claims he can only trust himself and his power, becoming Pirate King on his own. Luffy doesn’t stand for it, but Usopp gets up and shoots some of his seeds into Bullet’s armor. However, they don’t do anything, with Bullet mocking Usopp for his being pathetically weak. He proceeds to destroy the Supernovas, sending Luffy flying away.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.01.48

Smoker (who took a truce against Brook and Sanji) arrives and stops Hina, telling her, Tashigi, Koby and Helmeppo that they should all run away. They run into Buggy, with Smoker forcing him to tell him what is in the chest, with Buggy spilling the beans after being threatened. Smoker vows to not let any pirate get their hands on that pose.

With the Supernovas defeated, Bullet proceeds towards the docks of the island. He decides to take the Buster Call on in what is called a “Stampede”, to destroy everything in his path. Seemingly (from what I understand, could be wrong) this is to avenge when he lost to a buster call years ago (leadered by Garp and Sengoku), which was when he was captured and taken to Impel Down, which is why a Buster Call was summoned, just for him to literally flex against it. Bullet suddenly activates the awakening of his fruit, allowing his powers to disassemble absolutely everything near him: the town, the buildings, the ships, all is disassembled and reassembled into a giant body. Bullet absorbs so much that he becomes a giant colossus several times larger than Pica, towering over the island. Everyone looks in horror, as the colossus looms over the docks. All Marine Vice-Admirals from the Buster Call (including Momonga) leap at the colossus, but Bullet coats the colossus in haki and easily squishes them with one hand, as well as the other marines from the call.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.20.01
Colossus Bullet artwork by Oda

Festa contacts a very special person… big news Morgans! He streams all the events happening to the brokers of the Underworld (this also includes the likes of Du Feld, Drug. Peclo, Umit, etc.). However, as the Bullet colossus pops out, Festa declares his plans to end this Pirate Age: he claims that together with Bullet, they’ll obtain the One Piece and change the world, starting his own new age. (not sure if I fully caught his entire motivations here, didn’t this quite fully catch this bit in my watch), with the underworld brokers going crazy at the fact he’s obtained access to the One Piece.


Alongside the Marines, some of the Shichibukai are also summoned on the island: this includes Boa Hancock, who completely disregards any orders to go see if Luffy is alright, and Mihawk, who arrives alongside Perona. Perona uses her hollows to defeat Sentomaru, who says he wishes he was never born. Horohorohorohoro! Fujitora tells Zoro that he doesn’t have enough time for their duel, with Fujitora bringing down a meteor, and an enormous one at that (seemed to be larger than his usual ones). Zoro is quite shocked at first and so is everyone else, but he decides to rush against it and unleash a stronger version of Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai. However, while he manages to split the meteorite in half, the two halves are still falling towards the island. That said, out of nowhere, the meteor breaks apart as it is meticulously sliced in many tiny fractions. This turns out to be Mihawk’s work, with him giving a glare to Zoro as a “you’re not ready yet”. Zoro looks down in mild shame.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.01.15

The Straw Hats and the others also fight at the docks. Franky enters the General Franky and begins to fight Pacifistas, while nami unleashes Zeus to zap the Marines as well as Wapol. Foxy brags in front of the Marines as he prepares to do a big pose to unleash his noro noro beam, but before he can even do it he gets one-shotted by Bastille.


As things get dramatic, the situation turns for the worst as Smoker finds out a second Buster Call is being sent by Sakazuki (keep in mind the first one was busy with the pirates at the port), being leadered by Kizaru himself. Sakazaki orders to annihilate everyone on the island, even if there are marines left on it, claiming them necessary sacrifices to stop Bullet. Smoker orders the others to leave, but Tashigi and Koby refuse. Smoker gives Hina a glare and she understands; she uses her powers to bind them and run away. Smoker leaps with his powers towards Bullet, but is interrupted by a burst of fire. Smoker says “You’re Straw Hat’s…”; “Oh, you know Luffy? He’s my little brother” replies Sabo. The two clash, with both powers negating each other as a callback of Ace vs Smoker in Alabasta. Meanwhile Hancock rushes on the island in search of Luffy. She finds Buggy thinking he was Luffy at first for a second, kicking him in the face when he turns out to not be him. And to top it all of, a certain CP0 agent shows up at the island, as the vanguard for the rest of the team… it’s none other than Rob Lucci of course! It seems he’s heard of the treasure’s contents, coming to the island to confiscate it in the name of the World Government.

Around this point there’s a brief cut to new marineford, where Brannew is giving an insight into Bullet’s profile, as many Vice-Admirals listen (this even includes Jonathan from G-8!!). I didn’t catch the full thing, but Brannew mentions how Bullet was a monster since childhood, almost a bit like Big Mom (though not quite as strong), having innate power ever since his youth. Bullet was forcefully raised in a military as a child soldier and forced to focus on strength and strength alone. However, his comrades betrayed him, making Bullet believe that he cannot trust anyone but himself. Garp and Sengoku talk about Bullet and Roger and how Roger’s era ended, though I didn’t catch quite everything here too, sorry about that.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.00.45

Back at the island’s center, Usopp tries to carry a wounded Luffy, but he struggles to move. However, he vows to not give up, as a remix of the first ending, Memories, plays. A burning pillar falls on Luffy, but Usopp blocks it. The two are saved by Brook and Chopper. The latter offers to heal Usopp, but Usopp asks him to heal the captain instead. Luffy wakes up and Usopp apologizes to him for being so weak. Luffy becomes angry and transforms into Gear Fourth, flying towards Bullet’s colossus. BARREETTTTOOOOOO!!! Luffy charges a Kong Gun, but Bullet easily yeets him away.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.03.53

Bullet modifies the landscape of the island with his powers, creating this sort of barricade around it so that no one can escape. Law meets up with Smoker and Sabo as well as Hancock and Buggy (who faints from Smoker’s jutte after he pins him down). Luffy also lands near them as well and Law tells them that they need to work together. Law says it’s too dangerous to stick around, but Luffy is confident they can win “After all, with allies like you guys… of course things will turn out okay, right?”. Law sighs at his optimism and decides to agree to fight.

Luffy enters Gear Fourth Boundman again and tries to attack Bullet, but gets yeeted again, with Law asking him to not be so reckless. The rest of the group prepares to attack, with Hancock in particular rushing in anger for hurting Luffy, climbing over the colossus’s arm and kicking him deep in the chest (without doing too much damage though, with Hancock remarking his toughness). Smoker unleashes a powerful attack but Sabo jumps in to combine it with his Hiken. Smoker is mildly pissed but Sabo asks to get along. The attack hits the colossus’s shoulder and causes his arm to fall off. Buggy recovers his senses and monologues for a good 20 seconds, without realizing that a giant arm is falling in him. When he notices he runs away in vain and thanks his mother for bringing him to life. He attempts to stop the arm by shooting a Muggy Dama, but it does absolutely nothing (literally just bonks against the arm). However, the arm is sliced in mid-air by Lucci’s Rankyaku attacks, but Buggy believes the credit is fully his.

As Bullet prepares to attack, a sudden eighth member appears… yes, the fighters weren’t seven, but eight! Crocodile joins the group to fight against Bullet! He unleashes a massive storm against the colossus, buying some time. Everyone prepares to attack Bullet but he claims it’s useless. Bullet absorbs even more, turning his colossus into an even larger creature that looks like a Godzilla monster. However, Law uses Shambles to bring everyone in one spot: they charge through with one mega attack (aside Buggy, he just stands there) which blows away the left side of the colossus. Bullet, despite having taken damage (seems that the fruit’s weakness is that any exoskeleton part of this that is harmed also harms Bullet’s body), claims it futile as he’ll just regenerate that part of the body by assembling more. However, in the distance Luffy has been charging up this whole time… this was to enter a new Gear Fourth form! It’s like Boundman, except his body is larger and his arms are way way larger than in normal Boundman form, several times the size of his body. It doesn’t seem to be actually named in the film, but it seems to be centered around massive hard-hitting attacks. Luffy further increases the size of his right arm larger than it has ever been seen before, unleashing “Gomu Gomu no King King King Kong Gun” (wew), which blows away the rest of the colossus.

As Bullet’s exoskeleton armor (which was inside the colossus) falls down, Bullet claims he’s still safe within it. However, suddenly, plants sprout from inside the armor, breaking it apart. Usopp smirks, naming his attack and claiming it didn’t miss back then. As Bullet falls down, he still refuses to give up. He’s taken a lot of damage since his exoskeleton and colossus being harmed seems to damage him as well (he’s seen bleeding), but he’s still able to go, so Luffy confronts him head on with a barrage of attacks. Bullet enters full body haki mode and begins to pound Luffy, claiming he and he alone will become Pirate King. However, Luffy claims becoming Pirate King is not something one achieves alone. This moment reminds Bullet of Roger, showing a brief flashback where Roger easily beats Bullet (is this the first instance of direct Roger power level showcase? Because goddamn). Bullet claims he’ll surpass Roger and become the World’s Strongest man. Roger encourages Bullet to get up and try again but claims his strength comes form the people he wishes to protect.

Sanji and Robin are running towards the Sunny, but Sanji asks Robin to go ahead as he senses something. As Crocodile and Lucci try to go after Luffy and Bullet, Zoro and Sanji stop both respectively, saying to not get in their captain’s way.

Luffy charges two massive King Kong Guns and unleashes Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gatling on Bullet, as a remix of We Are plays. After a big barrage Bullet goes down for good and the borders of the island and his devil fruit effects are undone as he loses his senses. Luffy falls to the ground and Hancock helps him out, finding the treasure chest of Roger on the ground. He opens it to see the log pose, but Lucci and Crocodile approach him to snatch it from his hands. However, before they can manage to snatch it, Luffy smashes the eternal pose with his own hands. He claims that he doesn’t need it and that he’ll become Pirate King the proper way without cheating his way through. Law says Luffy keeps overdoing it and transports the entire group next to the Sunny.

Festa is in disbelief that Bullet lost and doesn’t know what to do. Behind him pops up a flame of fire, as Sabo asks him to surrender in name of the Revolutionary Army. Festa tries to fight but Sabo Fire Fists him. Laying defeated, Festa claims the dangers of Luffy becoming Pirate King and how it might change the world. Sabo tells him “well come on, Luffy ain’t no devil”. Festa smirks at that remark and grins to himself.

The Straw Hats and the others attempt to leave the island, but the Buster Call approaches, leaving no room to escape. However, the ships of all the Supernovas gather, providing a “Pirate Call” to match the Buster Call, putting the Marines at a stalemate. Kizaru leaps from the ship to attack the ships, but a wall of fire stops him, opening a passage for the pirates to escape. Luffy looks back and Sabo smiles at him from the Revolutionary ship, with Ace’s ghost next to him and biding Luffy farewell. Luffy smiles and the Straw Hats depart forth and leave the island.


Credits roll as Gong by Wanima plays, but some scenes are shown in the background. Ann is rescued by the Revolutionary Army and joins Hatchan’s Takoyaki Stand (seems like she might’ve been the one to create Ace’s ghost, as it references the Tokyo Tower show). Moderato is captured by the Marines alongside a lot of other pirates. Rob Lucci reports back alongside Kaku, Stussy and the other unnamed CP0 members from Dressrosa and Wano. Minor updates for the rest of the cast.

Post-credits scene: flashback to Roger’s crew. Roger finds out one of his crewmates made an Eternal Pose for Laugh Tale in case they need to go back, but Roger claims it worthless and throws it away into the sea. However, it is swallowed by a sea king, eventually ending up in Delta Island in some form or another. Turns out Roger never left it there willingly. (this past scene was apparently sketched by Oda, as included in volume expo)

Another post-credits scene: the Straw Hats chilling on the Sunny. Some of them scold Luffy for getting rid of the log pose, but Usopp claims that the adventure wouldn’t be any fun if they already knew the answer to it (referencing the scene at Shakky’s bar). Luffy agrees and prepares for his next adventure. The movie ends with Luffy grinning and smiling as he heads towards Laugh Tale…

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 2.32.08


  • Straw Hats arrive at the expo, participate in the race
  • Law joins some of them to investigate the expo: finds out they’re summoning a buster call
  • The supernovas participate in the race, but Buggy wins and gets Roger’s chest. Inside is an unbelievable thing
  • Bullet appears and fights the Supernovas. While they keep their ground, Bullet ends up defeating them all
  • Bullet reveals the chest contains the One Piece… or rather, the key to it, being an eternal log pose to Raftel. But it’s revealed that the canon spelling is Laugh Tale!
  • Bullet awakens his fruit and creates a colossus by assembling all sorts of things. Goes on a crazy Stampede and destroys the Buster Call
  • Sakazuki orders a second Buster Call, Bullet keeps destroying everything
  • Festa wishes to use Bullet to obtain the One Piece and change the world
  • The seven fighters (+Crocodile, secret eight fighter!) fight Bullet
  • Luffy enters new Gear Fourth, King Man and uses it to defeat Bullet thanks to the help of the others
  • Sabo captures Festa. Interesting comment about Luffy being a “devil”
  • The pirates escape from Delta Island and movie concludes

So many insane revelations, even some big ones with canon implications! Particularly Laugh Tale, it fits so much with the will of the D. and those who smile even in death. Leave it to Oda to fuck with us with a romanization for 20+ years

Also, Bullet is an absolute monster. Bullet has:

  • Observation with Future Sight, Armament with Full Body and superior to most fighters and really strong Conqueror’s
  • Broken fruit that is even awakened
  • Insane endurance and toughness
  • Almost as fast as Kizaru in terms of speed
  • Bigger than Pica when awakened
  • Tanked a King Cobra, and even a King King King Kong Gun

Biggest spoilers:

  • Roger’s treasure is an eternal pose to the One Piece, with the island it’s on being revealed to be Laugh Tale, not Raftel
  • Buggy wins the Treasure Race. Buggy is also blonde. Buggy’s mom is revealed
  • Crocodile is the secret eighth fighter
  • Bullet is awakened and insanely strong, one of Roger’s strongest men
  • Luffy uses a new Gear Fourth form, like Boundman but it’s King Kong Gun based
  • Few other hints about Endgame

Other few details:

  • Jinbe actually appears, but only in flashback, as Luffy thinks of his crewmates, deeming him a Straw Hat, so at least that was acknowledged
  • There’s so many easter egg characters in the movie, both canon and non-canon. The number is nearly triple or quadruple of what we knew, it’s a treat for OP fans
  • Remember the guy who sold nami some sea chart paper in that random post-Alabasta filler? Remember Shuraiya Bascùd from the fourth movie? He’s here. Remember Condoriano and Jonathan from G-8? Oh yeah baby
  • I counted about a dozen Pandaman, not sure if I missed any

Anyways, feel free to ask me any questions if there’s more you wish to know about the movie and I’ll try to get back to you!



  1. Hm, I just watched it again with actually good subtitles (the first time they seemed like autotranslated haha, random french words & gibberish sometimes with some long dialogues)

    But the vision fruit wasn’t just used once with the dragon, it’s used at the end with Sabos fire to cover their escape

    Still, I’d have to say Z might still be my favorite, the final fight is so much more badass, one on one, and his death scene with the song was legendary
    Strong World is a great one to get people into the series since it’s kind of a great showcase

    But this one is definitely amazing and my second favorite, I’m not sure how I felt about bullet going giant, him soloing everyone earlier was so fucking sweet it seemed cheap haha, but still, damn good.


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