The Official Charlotte Family Tree by Oda – All the Daughters

Okay, so I’ll be treating this a bit differently. Given how special of an occasion this is, instead of publishing the full thing at once, I’ll be updating it every few minutes with every single child I identify, so keep refreshing this page to see new ones added! You can expect a more detail, in-depth version in a couple days, but for the moment being here’s the raw information! LET’S GO!!

All names are based on the Japanese reading, so they might not be completely accurate, take them with a grain of salt. You can also follow the live updates on my twitter if you prefer.

Edit: It’s all done! Unfortunately, only the daughters are included in this issue, so you’ll have to wait until January for all the sons of the family. This will leave us some room to speculate a little further, so expect a much more in-depth version of this in the following days!

Full screen copy 87.png

Full screen copy 133Full screen copy 89Full screen copy 135Full screen copy 134Charlotte CustardCharlotte AngelCharlotte BruleeCharlotte BroyeCharlotte MarshCharlotte CornstarchCharlotte MozartCharlotte MarnierCharlotte SmoothieCharlotte CitronCharlotte CinnamonCharlotte MeliseCharlotte GaletteCharlotte PoireCharlotte PrimCharlotte PralineCharlotte ChiffonCharlotte LolaCharlotte MarbleCharlotte MyukuruCharlotte MapleCharlotte JocondeCharlotte PannaCharlotte JoscarponeCharlotte NutmegCharlotte AkimegCharlotte AllmegCharlotte HarumegCharlotte FuyumegCharlotte PuddingCharlotte FlampéCharlotte WaferCharlotte NormandCharlotte Anana



  1. So it’s confirmed that Big Mom had sex with a dwarf …

    Some questions… How can Broyé and Brûlée be twin sisters if they have different birthdays? And why do you say Akimeg may have a fusion Devil Fruit?

    Thanks for the hard work!


    • Oda just kinda approves birthdays via SBS without really thinking about things. Don’t read too much into them.

      As for Akimeg it’s probably because her shirt with the heart and skull face on it are the same pattern that’s on the giant “fusion”, making her the most likely for being the “base” of that thing.

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