Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 1 (all the new information!)

I finally got my hands on the Vivre Card Databook! It’s time to break it down and see just what exactly it holds in store! If you don’t know how the databook works, make sure to check this out first.

Vivre Card Databook 1Vivre Card Databook 2Vivre Card Databook 3Vivre Card Databook 4Vivre Card Databook 5Vivre Card Databook 6Vivre Card Databook 7Vivre Card Databook 8Vivre Card Databook 9Vivre Card Databook 10Vivre Card Databook 11

Purhcase the databook for yourself at retailers like or!

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  1. Thank you for doing this great work!

    Do you know what order the cards should go in the book? Does Luffy pre-TS go right before Luffy post TS for example? Are the ability cards meant to go with the character?

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    • That’s the thing! There is no order, you can arrange the cards as freely as you want! Personally, I put all Luffy and his alts together (so Pre-TS Luffy – Post-TS Luffy – Luffytarou), while I put the abilities card towards the end of the book. It really is up to you!

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  2. Hello, so you understand what is wrote on it ? i’m from france, and i’ll receive it, and wish to try to understand what is on each. So thanks for this page first.
    And did you trad all the vivre card each month ?


    • You say “I won’t be translating everything here”, so it means that you can translate it. I’ll try to translate myself, but maybe if I have some questions you can help me ?


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