About the Chapter Secrets Hiatus

Hey there! As you probably noticed, for the past couple weeks I haven’t been releasing any Chapter Secrets. You may have heard this already, but I’ve been through some health issues recently. It’s nothing to worry that much about, more than anything it’s because I had my finals this June and the stress and anxiety it brought me has been extremely exhausting. During these past weeks I’ve been trying to recover by relaxing as much as I can. For this time I decided to drop most of my duties and after the feedback I recieved and all the people that told me to look after myself, I decided that I deserved a break from Chapter Secrets too to relax a bit.

Chapter Secrets takes quite a lot of time to do, on average it takes 6 to 8 hours per week and a lot of times it can be very taxing. It’s something that I love to do, but these weeks I really needed to relax. Don’t worry too much about it since these past chapters have been rather barebones. There’s a couple things in there, but I don’t think there’s anything too trivial.

When I’m feeling better, which should be soon enough as I’ve been recovering quite nicely, I’ll go back to making them. Until then I hope you can be patient. Thank you all for your incredible support! : )


  1. Don’t worry about us man, we appreciate your efforts so there’s no problem in waiting a little bit until you are fully recovered!

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