Chapter Secrets 35 – Chapter 835

Brûlée: Mira Mira on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Mirror: Manlice.

Brûlée: …

Artur Artur on the wall, what secrets does this chapter hold?

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  1. Excellent Job as always!

    I’m pretty sure Nami’s shirt says “I’m Sexy.” It just makes the most sense. As for Usopp’s shirt, I thought it might say Kakigori, which is a kind of Shaved Ice desert, and would therefore make sense in this context. But the third letter doesn’t look like a “R” so I’m not really sure.

    Good Catch on Brulee’s inspiration. It seems kind obvious in retrospective though.

    And did you notice that Brulee’s face seems to show through the back side of her mirror? Is it only a Mirror on one side then, and plain Glass on the other? Maybe that plays into her Devil Fruit’s weakness.

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    • That’s an interesting catch, the mirror reflects but you can also see through it, is that even possible in real life?

      Someone also pointed out that since Brûlée has a scar, she “isn’t the fairest in the land” anymore, which is why she tries to ruin the faces of others as beautiful as Nami


      • No, it isn’t. You can use light tricks to make glass function as a one-way mirror. By removing light from one side, and having lots of light on the other, you can make the light side only reflect light back in, and from the dark side you can see everything in the light side clearly. That’s how one way mirror’s work. But they aren’t true mirrors. Real mirror’s use silver, which while reflective, is opaque. So no light would go through.

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    • I decided to take a few weeks off to relax a bit since I’ve been having some health issues recently. I’ll get back to them when I’m feeling better, which should be pretty soon. Thank you for your patience 🙂


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