Chapter Secrets 32 – Chapter 832

Before this I’d like to adress Oda’s recent statement that One Piece is 65% done. It’s been stated before, but Oda’s % refers to the % of the story, not the years. This means that all of Fishman Island, Punk Hazard, Dressrosa and Zou have only been 15% of the story of the New World. Exciting!!

Chapter 833 1Chapter 833 2.jpgChapter 833 3



  1. Excellent Job! As always!

    I definitely missed that female soldier there, good catch. Same with the “Z” on Reiju.

    No update on the number of snail that make up Germa. There weren’t any better shots this time. 😦 However I will say that little note that says Yonji Fortress makes me think all of the Vinsmokes have their own Fortress. And Yonji’s in particular, I couldn’t really pick out from the establishing shot of Germa. So it may be a lot bigger than it seems. So my estimations could be WAY off.

    Would also like to note that I think Sanji threw the fight. In the shot of him after the last blow, while the cigarette was knocked out of his mouth, which would be an indication of him falling unconscious, the rest of him seemed fine. And with Oda usually going all out on his reaction shots, I’d kinda figured he might’ve drawn it more expressive if Sanji was actually KO’d. I’m not sure about it but I’m kind of leaning to Sanji throwing it so he didn’t have to deal with the “Wall” technique. What do you think?

    Also, is anyone else getting some serious Don Kreig flashbacks?
    – “Is this my family? Your family? Mine? Yours? Don’t you dare decide that question with your measly spear or stupid cape! This ain’t any family of mine!”

    and 65%!! We got enough to last us maybe another 10 years it looks like. o_0

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    • I also attempted to calculate the snails (but I think you made an error calculating last week, I don’t think they are 80, that would require many more snails in the row than what we’ve seen), but again, it seems very hard to do. And I also wasn’t sure where Yonji’s fortress was, I couldn’t exactly place my finger on it, no tower pattern seemed to match.

      I thought it was rather obvious, I guess this is another of those things I should have kept in. You can clearly see in his expression that he doesn’t even care about fighting after his father commits the atrocity of using his own men as shields. He doesn’t even care about beating him, he just gives up. I’m sure Sanji could have easily beaten him, especially given how much aid daddy got from the tech.

      I also got the Krieg vibes! Especially how daddy doesn’t have any honor like Krieg, he uses his men as he pleases and only cares about victory, even if he cheats. Men can talk only with their fists? More like let me augment my ego by cheating with a spear.


    • Also, speaking of stuff I removed, what do you think of this guy behind Yonji?

      Call me insane, but I feel like his face is too defined to be just a meaningless enemy, especially given how Oda loves to hide future characters like Weeble or the Vinsmokes during the Sora panel. Maybe there’s another child that was born after them? Maybe it’s another important member of Germa? Maybe it’s Ace? Maybe I’m insane?


      • At first glance that guy looks like a scientist. Maybe he’s the lead engineer for the Vinsmoke’s R&D department?

        As for my math. It was that I guessed it was 12 long. Because if it’s symmetrical to the Castle Daddy. It should be 4 in the middle, three on either side of those 4, to make to make that little outcropping we see on the front, and then the one more on the edge facing the other direction. You can see on the first shot of Germa from the front, that on the far right there’s a line of snails that faces left, comapred to the rest that face forward. So i presumed there was another line on the other side like it. That makes 12 lines, or column’s as I had put it. Depth however, was a complete guess. Based on crossreferencing the over head shot we got, and comparing those buildings possitions on the front shot. It seemed to me like Castle Daddy was on the 4th line(row) back. And the castle itself, seemed like it might fit on 2 rows. And there was another structure behind it, so I presumed at least 1 more row could be there. aka, 6 row. Which as I mentioned before, seemed fitting. 12 x 6 = 72. Plus the 4 on the outcropping on the front, that’s 76. And assuming it’s mirrored on the other side, to make it symmetrical, that’s another 4, making 80. Again, could totally be wrong.


  2. actually restoring hand is not an option for a cook. the hand just can’t be suitable again for his skill. basing the explosion can actually destroy entirely


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