The True History – Prologue: Gol D. Roger’s Biography

Allright, all done, I only have to click “Publish”…

mmm, well let’s just check the wiki page to see if there’s something I didn’t find.

Oh, Roger’s age was revealed in Volume 82


Gol D. Roger's Biography 0Gol D. Roger's Biography 1Gol D. Roger's Biography 2Gol D. Roger's Biography 3Gol D. Roger's Biography 4Gol D. Roger's Biography 5Gol D. Roger's Biography 6Gol D. Roger's Biography 7Gol D. Roger's Biography 8Gol D. Roger's Biography 9Gol D. Roger's Biography 10Gol D. Roger's Biography 11Gol D. Roger's Biography 12



  1. Dude. What if Luffy gets to Raftel and is just like, nah, that’s for somebody else to deal with. And just leaves, letting the real conclusion be ambiguous. That’d be the worst! XD

    Also this video works fantastic as background music for this! (

    But in all seriousness, well done! I know this is only the Prologue, but this was very well put together! Bravo! 😀

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  2. i think roger’s crew made the wrong path…upon arriving at raftel, they knew about the true history but also knew that they can’t do something about it…going back from square one would definitely be impossible since roger is close to dying…so the only thing he could do is somehow just let the whole OP world knew how rich he is like a fake news of some sort in the hopes that someone would carry his will and search that place… and since he’s illness is irreversible, he made sure to have a kid (Ace) and offered himself to the WG in replacement for the safety of his crew, who will GUIDE the potential WILL-carrier to find out the true history…notice the certain plot points along the strawhat’s adventures….crocus, the shandian (poneglyph with his reply), rayleigh, then oden’s retainers…and soon Shanks!!!! (i totally believe he kept the last unknownly-located road poneglyph) roger played a lot of bets here…hoping that the future would be more fruits…and not devil fruits


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