Chapter Secrets 27 – Chapter 827 (Chocolatown!)


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(Please keep in mind that all of this is only speculation in the end.None of the stuff I say is default canon)
Me before reading the chapter: Allright, today I gotta study History for next week, then have a physics class and finally go watch Civil War
Me after reading the chapter: Okay, tell the teacher I can’t do class today and cancel the Civil War prenotation. Also do you have some spare change? I need to go to the pastry shop

Luffy mmmm

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  1. Hyped to see you’re working on a theory! There’s my little theory that I think is possible due to how Oda writes his story:

    There are two factions – Raftel and allies (they include Shandora, Zou, Fishman Island, Wano etc.: they seek freedom and do everything themselves) and 20 kingdoms (which are selfish, make others do their work and have slaves). Due to differences in their views there was a war a long time ago. Both factions have started preparing to fight each other and both discovered new things: Raftel and allies have mastered their own spirit and ambition and used it in battles – Haki while 20 kingdoms managed to trap spirits of dead Sea Kings inside fruits – Devil Fruits. Soon enough they used Pica’s Stone DF to raise the Red Line and Kidd’s magnetic DF to give islands of Grand Line their magnetic fields. This is due to the Divide and Conquer rule – people of Raftel didn’t have the ability to sail across Blues and navigate through the Grand Line (although they used the South Birds and a map of the whole world to move between places). They have developed two tools to restore the world to how it was before – Pluton which was supposed to destroy the Red Line and Uranus which was supposed to reset magnetic fields of islands in Grand Line.

    Calm Belts were places where 20 kingdoms were experimenting on the Sea Kings.

    Poseidon was also neccessary, because Fishmen were living under the Red Line. They were supposed to escape it on Noah pulled by the Sea Kings but it didn’t go as planned.

    People of Raftel, Dreamers (hence D. in their names) were led by their king Joyboy. However there was one family that were black sheep of the kingdom – Devil Marshalls. They told 20 kingdoms about Dreamers plans but Joyboy couldn’t bring himself to kill them so he simply banned them from the island. Raftel and allies in the end didn’t stand a chance against the power of 20 kingdoms. The only three things left of them were:
    1) Poneglyphs and the message carved in them
    2) The lost island of Raftel
    3) The previously mentioned map of the whole world, the map where all oceans are in one piece… One Piece. Wouldn’t it be a cool twist if a pirate treasure would be a… treasure(d) map?

    In contrast, there was also a traitor in the 20 kingdoms – Alabasta. They joined the alliance but later on they didn’t like the direction other kingdoms were going and what they were doing, so they secretly allied themselves with Raftel and they hid Pluton and a Poneglyph in Alabasta (19 other kingdoms wouldn’t look there for them).

    Dreamers abandoned Raftel and to make sure to survive, they spread across the whole planet. Then 20 kingdoms have started wiping the history of last 100 years and it was called the Void Century.

    I think that’s everything. What do you think? BTW. I wanna see Enel returning with Uranus


    • Some great ideas you got there!
      I can’t talk much about it for now, but as for me I’ll try to stay more grounded to facts from the series rather than trying to come up with a more creative theory, I’m more of an analyst than a theorist in the end
      But I can definitely see that you did your homework there, good job! 🙂


  2. Did you notice the clock in Pudding’s room said it was 3 o’clock? The small one on the right, not the big one. The Big One, by the way, seems to be printed on her wall, as seen in the 4th panel of that page (15 on Manga Stream). Also consider that if it was seen from the outside, it would be counterclockwise. And did you notice what time it is on the big clock? Right between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. hmm. I wonder if that might be a hint of something, or someone, to come? 😉

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  3. Did you notice the clock says it’s 3 o’clock? The small one on the right, not the big one. And I think the Big one is on the wall, since it’d be backwards if it was viewed from outside. Also notice the Big clock says it’s between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. hmm. I wonder if that’s a hint of something, or someone? 😉

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    • Holy crap, you’re right! :O
      The three o’ clock is definetely a reference to Sanji (“Sanji” can also mean “three o’ clock”). You’re also right on the bigger clock, I wonder why it is there. It’s probably just some type of decoration, as you mentioned the “VI” leaks onto the nearby wall on the fourth panel. Great catch on that!


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