Chapter Secrets 26 – Chapter 826

Mmmmmm, I just love fresh Chapter Secrets… my favorite treat ♥

Took me a good 9-10 hours to do this one, but it’s nothing compared with what I have been doing during this finals season. I needed a good rest or I would have crumbled

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  1. hi, about sanji and brother/sister curly brows, I think it is still based from NARUTO, I mean NARUTO was not only for Sanji name or he’s curly brows, but for all of vinsmoke family with curly brows


  2. It might be noteworthy that so far every Vinsmoke familiy member has their eyebrows curled another way: (position of the swirl: l=left, r= right, i=inside by the nose, o=outside):
    Sanji: l.i, r.o; Yonji: l.o, r.i (opposite of Sanji); Reiju: l.o,r.o (while we don’t really see her left side, there’s shots of her where we should be able to see the swirl of her right side were it on the inside).
    Since its only two eyebrows and 2 styles there’s only the posibillity for 4 different styles. But with there being atleast 5 Vinsmoke kids, some pattern has to repeat itself (or will one eyebrow not have a swirl at all? Or a downward swirl?)

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  3. i don’t actually think the den den mushi is bigger than oars. at least its size is the same. probably because the sunny estimated size is oversized. just look at paddle ship on chapter 566


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