Chapter Secrets – Chapter 881

At first I felt like this chapter was a bit short and underwhelming, but after going through it there’s a fantastic quantity of secrets and details!

Jinbe: Bro, it’s just like dude, you get the best barrels ever with Big Mom dude, just like you pull in the homie you just get spit right out of him, you just drop in and smack it like WHOOP and get pitted, sooo pitted

881 1881 2

If anyone is interested in green rooms, here’s some footage of one:

881 3881 4881 5



  1. Hi! I saw a theory that it was not Luffy talking to Nami and the others but rather Brulee because of the eyelashes in the second panel. How do you rate this?


    • That sounds like a very interesting theory at first, but I’d say it’s simply Oda’s art style, there’s several times before where Luffy did a funny face that involved his eyelashes. Furthermore, if it were Brûlée he’d have to be mirrored, not to mention he wouldn’t have different eyeleashes to begin with (Brûlée’s clones are perfect mirrored clones), and of course there’s the fact that Brûlée wouldn’t behave this way. It’d be interesting if Oda did something like this again though!


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