Charlotte Family Tree

Charlotte Family

Based on the research from this. Keep in mind that some of these names are fanmade, not canon. Based as of chapter 873.



  1. Nice job keep track of this! 😀
    but I think you missed some folks like some of the people in the enraged army (oda even revealed the names of those snake neck twins that laughed at Luffy in the new SBS), plus there were a bunch of other unnamed kids that were with Ananana and Anglais before Big Mom had lunch with Germa 66.

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    • Thanks! Just read the SBS, Oda’s timing never fails to screw me up! It also revealed the age of Smoothie among others (not to mention the Katakuri Paramecia fiasco), so I’ll have to add in those details. I completely forgot the other kids with Anana though, I definetely have to add those, thanks!


  2. yeah, i hope you will get more subscriber and focus on youtube instead 🙂 btw i have sub, keep up good works


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