Chapter Secrets 69 – Chapter 869


869 1869 2869 3869 4



  1. Great work as always! Especially liked the analysis on Big Father’s height, hadn’t stopped to think about it.

    But a correction: you said Super Sentai is a show, but it’s actually a genre, with dozens if not hundreds of shows airing since the late 70’s. Oda would have hardly taken inspiration from Kyouryuu Sentai specifically, given that it wasn’t a particularly remarkable show.

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  2. Thanks!

    Ah, that explains what I researched a lot better. That means that Super Sentai is the genre while Kyouryuu Sentai ZyuRanger is the specific show that as adapted into Power Rangers


  3. The clothes being based a Mexican clothing is a HUGE stretch! The hats look more like bowler hats. Ponchos actually cover a lot more not just the shoulders. Don’t just write the first thing that pops in your head. Reflect a little PLEASE!


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