Chapter Secrets 61 – Chapter 861 (The real one)

I know I’ve said this some times already, but I want to apologize in general for any specific delays. This one was obviously meant for the April Fool’s prank, but I still delivered the chapter slightly later than intended. The thing is that I’ve been brutally busy recently, especially working on my anxiety and it’s been hard finding the proper time to work on Chapter Secrets. That’s also why I really haven’t had the time to reply to that many messages that I recieve, so I apologize for that. But I do read everything you send me and everytime one of you thanks me or tells me how fascinated they are by what I wrote it really warms my heart. Thank you.

This research has led me to the fascinating world of “Watermelon Forums”. I learn new things everyday with Chapter Secrets!

Also, this is my 100th post on my website! Yay!

Chapter 861 1Chapter 861 2.jpgChapter 861 3Chapter 861 4



  1. I’m actually fine with Sanji in this chapter. Sure he’s being a huge screw-up. But he’s always been that way around woman. Doesn’t seem any different than when he was having Tea with Kalifa, imo.

    Man though, this break is gonna be painful. X( I’m so hyped!


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