Chapter Secrets 28 – Chapter 828

That moment when you spend hours looking for a location…

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  1. Thanks for the Shout out! And sorry for double posting. The comment didn’t appear when I refreshed it, so I thought it didn’t send right. I’ll just try sending once from here on out. 😉

    I’m pretty sure next chapter we’ll see Chopper suffering the consequences on his chocolate binge. XD Luffy’s pretty used to destroying himself internally like that, but I don’t think Chopper will get out of it without some repercussions.

    I’m also kind of leaning towards Pudding lying, but not to rat out the Strawhats. I feel like she might be lying, and trying to get Sanji back to them because she feels guilty. She seemed pretty into the idea, until Pedro brought up the reality of the situation, and how dire it was. She already seems resolved to not getting what she wants, so she might be trying to at least give the Strawhat’s what they want. I think the, “I need to go back to my friends” thing was just something she came up with on the spot since it’d make things easier.

    Great work as always! These are super fun to read through after reading a chapter! Thanks!

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  2. The buildings you couldn’t find out (on the last page) are probably based on the buddhist temples of southeast asia (e.g. Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand;
    Another minor detail: the shapes of the main tower (as seen on page 2) are in a lozenge shape, which forms in white and blue the flag of bavaria.
    As for the uniforms of broccoli island soldiers: they are probably based on prussian uniforms of the late 19th century (the two rows of buttons, last page) which becomes especially obvious when you look at the helmets (second to last page, bottom)

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    • I actually already found those on my research, but the buildings just didn’t seem to match quite exactly. Although the link you gave seems to give pictures which are more accurate than those I found (I didn’t research for pagodas, my research was on domes instead, that was my mistake), which means they really might be based on the Myanmar Pagodas, even if they look a bit different.
      I also decided against including them because of the outfits, theme and other buildings, which just didn’t seem to match. I guess Oda just did a mixture of different cultures there.
      And yes, the outfits are Prussian, someone even noted that the guy looks identical to Bismarck:

      Anyways amazing job on those! You even found a picture which appears to be more accurate to the original drawing than those I found.
      I wonder what that large palace in the background (the one with the broken dome) is supposed to be though…


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