Chapter Secrets 18 – Chapter 818 + What Raftel and the One Piece might be!

Nearly 20 hours of research and writing…

13 pages…

Not just the longest Chapter Secrets so far…

But also the best I’ve ever made!


Chapter 818 1Chapter 818 2Chapter 818 4.1Chapter 818 3Chapter 818 5Chapter 818 6Chapter 818 7Chapter 818 8Chapter 818 9Chapter 818 10Chapter 818 11Chapter 818 12Chapter 818 13

Stay tuned for more Chapter Secrets in the upcoming future! To Raftel!

To clarify the timeline you can view it fully here:



  1. *Gapes in awe*
    It all fits. You, good sir, are the most amazing, meticulous researcher whose theories i have ever had the pleasure to read.


  2. Another inspiration for Raftel/The Great Kingdom is Laputa, from the Castle in the Sky movie by Miyazaki. Not in the floating island sense, but the architecture and technologically advanced civilization sense. By the way, Laputa itself is probably one of the inspirations of the Final Fantasy city.


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