Chapter Secrets 12 – Chapter 812

Once again, sorry for the delays. I’ve been trying to work hard on this things, but I realize that I cant sacrifice my life and happiness just for the sake of putting this out. There are many things out there I want to do and I don’t want to sacrifice the beauty and fun of life for this. I hope this doesn’t sound selfish or anything :P, but I think you can see how much time and effort this things mean. Still, I’ll pull them through always as soon as I can, but I promise I will take better care of my health and life in general. I’ve recently done many things and lived whole new exciting experiences in my life! So if one week a new chapter comes out and the previous chapter secrets is nowhere to be seen… just give it time and it’ll come out. Thanks a lot to all of you for your patience ^^

It’s wierd how a little photoshop can change everything

Sanji serial killer


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  1. actually the one who said “its all thanks to mugiwara pirates” is a female lion mink. maybe it’s his mother


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