Chapter Secrets Special #5 – THRILLER BARK (Halloween Special)

Have a spooky halloween!

Version on OroJackson:

Video Version:

Akuma no cover 2 copy 4

Thriller Bark

Thriller Bark 2

Thriller Bark 3 copy

Thriller Bark 4

Thriller Bark 5

Gekko Moriah 6




  1. on daylight, you can look at bottom of your own body a shadow. but it can’t if there is not a light there. so, in the night or inside a building, he must use a flashlight just like at thriller bark. and i don’t know what scene in the anime, but, in the manga itself the zombies appear from under platform. all of shichibukai doesn’t move one bit except doflamingo and boa hancock at that time


  2. also, if you think the zombies is appeared from under platform. it is not weird thing if moria make some preparation for that


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