The One Piece Atlas

My magum Opus. A recollection of all the locations found in One Piece including it’s inhabitants, geography, flora, fauna, locations, real life inspirations and so much more!

Feel free to use this anywhere, but please credit this website!

So far the entirety of East Blue has been done. I cannot assure when I’ll get other places done, but I’m planning to work on it.

Also I decided to keep the use of the wiki at a very, very bare minimum. Everything is mostly taken from the chapters and episodes by myself, and a lot of things by pure memory. There are a lot of things in here that weren’t explained directly in the manga nor the databooks so you’re bound to get to know something new about One Piece!

The book tackles every single given canon location, even those without a name or barely seen at all. It also includes some non-canon stuff but only locations and characters which are genuinely interesting and worth tackling. There are many anime-only islands which are very boring.

Alright here we go! Click on the images to acces that section of the Atlas!

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Atlas 7

Atlas 8

Atlas 9