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Welcome to The Library of Ohara, a website about One Piece knowledge! This site hosts a ton of One Piece content as well as encyclopedias and recollections of information about the beautiful world of One Piece! My name is Artur, though feel free to call me Arthur or Ohara if you want!

Feel free to check anything from the topmost sidebar to be guided to all of my content!

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Thank you for all the support!

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  1. Hey Arthur,

    at first: Thank you for your great work!

    Your theory about Jewelry Bonney and Kuma (youtube video from 6.19.2018) sounds really realistic. But I think Bonney also has something to do with Ace and his mother Portgas D. Rouge.

    Portgas D. Rouge had a supernaturally long pregnancy with Ace (20 months) so as not to be killed by the World Government.

    Is it unthinkable that Bonney artificially extended the pregnancy of Portgas D. Rouge with the help of her devil fruit?

    Interestingly, we know that Portgas D. Rouge spent some time in the South Blue – just like Bonney!

    What do you think about that? Maybe her relationship with Kuma and with Ace or his mother Portgas D. rouge are true.

    Thanks! 🙂


  2. Hi Artur, my name is Vinicius and I’m talking about Pedro Leopoldo Minas Gerais Brazil. For you to see how your work has gone far. I have accompanied your work through the former onipiece a Brazilian website. I’m talking google translator because I do not know English well. The teaching here of English is very weak. Thanks for the great work.

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    • Salut Arthur moi c’est aldo le français je suis avec beaucoup d attention ton travail est je t’en remercie seul bémol les fiche que tu publie ne sont pas traduite en français serrait’il possible d avoir une traduction pour que je puisse transmettre au français ton travail merci


  3. Hello Arthur . If you can come up with Zoro vs Mihawk fight Manga . It will be a huge fanservice for the one piece fandom .


    • Artur, can I translate your chapter secrets into Indonesian then I post it on Youtube?if you have a rule, just tell me 🙂 thanks bro


    • La mejor manera página de One piece que he encontrado en toda vi vida tanto como si fuera el uanpiz saludos y abrazos (espero más contenidos sean traducidos al español para compartirlo)


    • Hello guys from Ohara, I have been thinking for some time about an extension of the return to the reverie and i’d like to share it with you, if you could contact me to get all that info i’d be more blessed than joy boy with his haki hihihihihi.

      Apart from that, I am handwriting and drawing return to the reverie in spanish (I’m from Valladolid (Spain)), and i’d like to ask you guys if I could post it on my instagram.



  4. Hi. I just want to say that I love your website about One Piece. Also, I want to inform you that the booster pack Masters of the East Blue and Gathering! “Supernovas”! are now out. Thanks.


  5. Hello, Arthur! I know you’re a very busy person (the work you’ve put into this awesome site says it all), but whenever you have the time could you translate the Vivre Cards of Brook, Franky, and Robin? Really interested in what their cards say. Thanks.


  6. Hello Arthur, thanks for your great job! Many people like your job, and i hope you never stops to write articles aboute One Piece, I just love it! thank you a lot!

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  7. you so amazing this web site is fantastic I hope you keep the the outstanding working thank you for all you do I’m a big fan of your work (:

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  8. Hi Arthur,

    I’m impressed by your works. Currently I’m starting to build a website to promote peaceful understanding among world citizen perhaps just like what Oda sensei wish for.

    For me One Piece is a bible of peace and humanity so I interpret its idea to the real life. Please visit our page if you have a time (Indonesian only unfortunately for this time).


  9. you’re so amaaazing!!!! thank you for sharing and all of your hardworks :”D
    stay healthy and ganbatte!!!


  10. Please leave a bitcoin wallet address or your preferred crypto address on your support me page. thanks.


  11. Dear Artur

    I love your content, thank you so much for all your efforts!

    Some minutes ago I read your twitter post about the end of Oro Jackson.
    Yup, we are all not ready for it 😦

    The Speculation and Theories section is very popular and will cut a hole into the Community, in my opinion.
    People created new forums and discord server, but these are either not focused on One Piece or are simply to small
    to create enough traffic. They will not be able to replace OJ ..

    I planned to post a series of 50-100 analyses and theories on OJ and if there is no good site to post it.
    i’ll probably do it on YouTube (a very bad platform for theories in my opinion).

    The reason im writing all of this is because I had this idea…
    Is there ANY chance of adding a theory section (no forum!) to this website where people can post and rate theories, like on OJ? (account or guest)
    Many OP Fans visit this website already, you have the necessary traffic. I know it would be a lot of work, but I think it would be great for the community.
    Great theories come from communities that work together and learn from each other. People on YT rarely create good theories, its all about clicks and monetization.

    What do you think?


  12. Hey, Arthur just wanted to say I have loved your site for over a near 2 years for now to the point I’m writing my college paper of the site you made. Keep up the great work and continue to grow with the community your help keep afloat.


  13. I love your website! Every content you put out is consistently amazing and very detailed! I was wondering if one day you could talk about how you got into the Japanese language, and maybe the processes that got you to grasp the language so well.


  14. Hi Artur, i really amaze with your database here. Now i’m definitely want to make this website as my research source to my podcast. Can i please have your permission? It’s been an honor to mention this website in my upcoming episode.
    Please kindly check my podcast, i just getting started though so it’s far from perfect 🙂


  15. Hi Arthur,

    can you please update this:

    – sword encyclopedia
    – world map ( character whereabouts )
    – timeline

    You are doing it perfectly so please.
    And if you don’t have time for that, I have an Idea: just do English chapter analyses🤔😭🙏


  16. Artur. I don’t want to ruin the surprise from your video, but I already know what the One Piece is, and why it’s fucking hilarious. But, I don’t want to ruin it for anyone especially when they find out that they have already seen Joy Boy and that it’s not Luffy. Shoot me an email so we can chat.


  17. Hi bro i hope get better as soon as possible.

    I have a theory about law having kings haki since Mengo compared him to luffy when he said that luffy has kings haki.

    I wish if its possible to discuss it with you.


  18. I’ve read your theory about one piece being the greatest party (and other multitude of takes) and loved them all but I have a different take on it. Not sure if someone made the same observation… I couldn’t find anything like it so decided put here.

    Mr. Morj had a take on chapter 22 (Gaimon) in a video and I re-read it and found something interesting. ODA being Goda, subtly put a dialogue from Gaimon that goes something like “When you find the One Piece, Buy the world”. I think this statement is childish enough so as to make Whitebeard say so if Roger re-iterated it as his dream and evoke the reactions of Sabo, Ace and Oden in that way.

    If you either literally or figuratively buy the world… You are free to do as you wish… And what best way to buy the world with other than the greatest treasure in world… THE “ONE PIECE”.

    P.S.- Joy boy theories: emotionally inspiring theorist, Morj (Almost mythic): Logical and Analytical. You: Jack of all trades with a good Japanese take.


  19. Hi Arthur, I’m on a long shot here, but one of my closet friends fiancé passed away by a terrible are accident. They are both younger than me and I’m 37. There love was strong because they watched all of one piece together because I helped suggest it. I don’t speak Japanese, but she asked to be cremated and her ashes be put with a redwood tree. My friend made a Sunny to help her pass to the afterlife. I just want Oda to make a front page with the crew putting flowers by a redwood tree. I wanna start a go fund me anything. I know you been sick man, but if you know anyone who could help it would be greatly appreciated. Get well soon.


  20. Hi,
    I just wanted to add something about your timeline.
    I think Monkey D. Luffy might be born one year earlier than you said he is.
    One Piece has established during the Jaya and Skypiea arcs that the story is supposed to be set in 1522.

    However thanks to the Vivre Card Visual Dictionnary Volume 6 that you translate, we know the birthday of the snowman and snowoman Luffy and Usopp built before arriving to Whiskey Peak, which is February 18th. Obviously, since february is before may so, Luffy set sail one year earlier.
    That also means the East Blue Saga lasted for like 9 months.

    To finish this message, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do.


  21. Hi,
    I have seen all the work that you do for this website, so I went to add my 2 cents.
    On your timeline, you made it look like the East Blue Saga lasted for a few days, but I found some hints that it’s not the case.

    One thing we know for sure is that Luffy is born on 5th May. But on your Vivre Card visual dictionnary volume 6 translation, you added the birthday of Snow-ma-san and Snow-ma-queen, the snowmen that Luffy and Usopp built during their travel between Twin Cape and Whiskey Peak, which is February 18th.

    That means the East Blue Saga lasted for nine months. That also means that if Jaya and Skypiea arcs are happening precisely in the year 1522, Luffy began his adventure on May 5th 1521.


  22. Hi Arthur. Love what you’re doing with Library of Ohara.

    My name is Bolaji and I’m a Multimedia Journalism student at Sheffield Hallam University in UK.

    I will like to have you as my interviewee on a magazine module in school.

    The assessment is worth 100marks and I intend to make it about One Piece.

    The process would involve an interview session via phone or video and excerpts of it would be used as a feature article in the magazine. There would be pictures of you, reference to some your theories, one piece art and other images.

    I would be glad if you honour my request as it means a lot to me. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    You can reach me via my email – bolaji244@gmail.com
    Twitter handle is @bolaji_g


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