Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1011 in-depth analysis

Hey! So there’s a particular line in this week’s chapter that has caused a bit of confusion given how its meaning is hard to grasp when translated. I go over it in my analysis, but I also made a video on my channel going into a lot more detail and properly explaining the full meaning of it. Consider checking it out as well since this might be a very important piece of foreshadowing!




  1. I just want to say, it feels so good that my prediction came true!
    I expected Big Mom to show this side of her and somehow act as an ‘Alliance’ of sorts, temporarily of course.



  2. Why do you think Hera is pure lightning rather than a cloud? Wouldn’t that imply Big Mom somehow got her hands on actual lightning which she then turned into a homie? To me it makes more sense that Hera would be about the same as Zeus, a cloud. Except more competent and focused.

    Also… If Zeus’ and hera’s names actually foreshadow their relationship it means… Things are going to get fun. With Big Mom replacing Zeus it means Zeus is mostly available for the picking. Nami is probably going to get him back. Zeus will also probably be jealous of Hera over being replaced. While Hera might fall for Zeus… only to see him run into Nami’s arms… (and chest). This dynamic could result in Hera being less reliable than big mom would want.

    I don’t actually expect Killer to win this one. Killer has still taken a bit of a beating over the arc so him defeating a fresh fellow supernova seems unlikely. I also think there is a condition under which Hawkins will switch sides: Seeing the odds turn against Kaido. It might not be the case just yet but my guess is that Hawkins is constantly checking the odds either side has of winning this war. In which case he has probably seen or will see the odds turning on kaido at some point. While no one on the other side would gleefully have him they probably won’t bother with him if he stops attacking them at least.

    So… maybe ulti awakening? I could see an awakened zoan of Ulti’s caliber take a hit or two from big mom.


  3. Good analysis in overall, but I miss a bit more the interaction between Hawkins, Kid and Killer here. Hawkins mocks Killer as “Kamazo” and predicts a 92% probability for him to die here, which is pretty high and YET, it’s not the 0% that Hawkins had when he was up against Kaido (which he circumvented by his submission to him). So while it was logical indeed for Hawkins to submit temporarily to Kaido, he would have now a chance on his own, but still acts according to his probabilities, which shows his “no-risk, play safe” character.


  4. I like how “One Piece” is full of references to various mythologies. This gaves the story so much depth and the reader can learn so many things.
    Honestly I don’t know what should I think about an unexpected change of Big Mom… Still this is the another “One Piece” chapter which left me confused. Can’t wait to see what will happen in the next chapters!

    By the way, it was amusing that Usopp became an uncle all of a sudden xD


  5. I don’t think Luffy matching Kaido blow for blow is a good development.

    Kaido is in his hybrid form and swinging his spiked club(probably a graded weapon) while Luffy is using his bare hands and feet. That is too much of a power boost in such a short time.


    • I wouldn’t say it’s an unexpected power boost in a short time. This was a long time coming. He trained with Hyogoro to master this and it wasn’t until the last chapter that it all clicked for him. Luffy infusing his fists/feet with Conqueror’s Haki is the same as Kaido infusing it into his club.


      • Luffy barely defeated Katakuri with all the plot armour and it wasn’t even a clear win. Katakuri kind of admitted he gave up. And the Luffy at udon mine had a kind of weight training, which shouldn’t make much of a difference, though I admit, he should have gotten stronger.

        Hyogoro trained Luffy for like a week and he barely mastered the new haki. While he is still new at that, he learnt the Haoshoku coating and used it against Kaido fresh out of learning. So, we have a Luffy who has just learnt advanced armament and advanced conquerors just now, in his base form fighting against Kaido, possibly in his prime, in his man-beast form wielding his kanabo and proficient in all forms of haki for years.

        No matter how much main character factor I try to include, I just can’t seem to get rid of the fact that this is all too soon for Luffy. But regardless, it feels cool when Luffy clashes with Kaido.


  6. I’m curious about Tama’s statement that she “doesn’t care what happens” to her so long as she manages to give her order. Logically, one would expect that if she were to straight-up die then the effects of her Devil Fruit would expire. This is a moot scenario, obviously, as her survival is entirely guaranteed, but she should definitely be more concerned about her own well-being as part of the overall strategy.


  7. This chapter cover page definitely refer to Big Mom. Theme is about dessert/ice cream. (Oda is very pervert!) Nami this ‘Big’ size likely reference her relationship with Big Mom. Maybe next few chapter she will get Zeus become official ally. (The story so far already shown that Big Mom ready to ditch Zeus anytime soon.)

    Almost/Every Luffy vs. Kaido panel before this chap, Kaido always enormous/bigger/taller than Luffy. But that panel (probably first time) Luffy stand look taller than Kaido (he begin to get up). Well that’s a good sign for winning.

    This chapter is about ‘Code of Honor/Moral’ it’s not too strange that Hawkins show up. But Oda still not reveal this character full intention. Why he let’s Law jailbreak? Why betrayed Drake? Is he really not take a risk at all? I still think his ability to buff (that he shown in First Arc) will have some interest plot in next few chapter.

    Page One grab Komachiyo tail somehow remind me of Oden try to get aboard Whitebeard’s Ship. Not the same vibe but look quite similar scene.

    Judge from patter in this arc. It’s seem SH’s crew will got power up between fight. Nami gonna get Zeus for sure. What’s about Usopp? I think his ability with Pop Green already reach pinnacle. This fight (with Page One) might somehow show off his (advance) Haki. Can’t wait for what in store that Oda will surprise us. (Page One will defintely get up after this punch!)

    Irony that Big Mom have soft side with Kid and she gonna fight (Captain) Kid.


    • Why Luffy use leg block Kaido’s kanabo? And he still not use Devil’s fruit power while using advance Conquerer Haki?

      I think Oda want to show Luffy progression for advance Conquerer Haki. Start from bottom (feet), he’s just begin to understand. Not use to it yet. But his ability to learn thing fast will continue to progress with gear2, gear3, gear4. (I think like many people that Oda gonna keep Gear5 [with awaking] for last arc.)

      When Luffy use leg block kanabo, he still have two hand to counter Kaido. I think this is very genius. Not much practical in real life but suit for fantasy story.


  8. I have never though about laugh as deep as your analysis in the video. I got goosebumps thinking about it, because yes it might be true!


  9. I have never thought about laugh as deep as your analysis in the video. I got goosebumps thinking about it, because yes it might be true!


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