New One Piece Film ROCKS announced for 2022!

The official One Piece site just announced a new One Piece Film, titled One Piece Film: Rocks! The film will seemingly focus on the Rocks Pirates that were introduced in the manga. The movie is slated for 2022 in Japanese theaters, with no specific date yet.

Here is the first teaser trailer they released, subtitled by me!

Are you looking forward to this new movie? Let me know!



  1. Hahahahah
    I had a slight feeling what it might be an April fools, but damn that was pretty good.
    I mean considering how Shiki was set up in a similar way, it kinda made sense.

    You’re the best man


  2. Can’t believe I was Rickrolled like this!! Ii was so damn happy about it… I even called everyone and told them about it LOL


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