Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1004 in-depth analysis

A mysterious figure appears at the end of this chapter! But who is it? Read to find out!



  1. I had the same exact thought about it being Toki, here at the critical moment shed been waiting for
    I mean it would be weird to show Hoyori in silhuette by now, Idk.

    But yeah, it’s awesome to see how vital the dango is to the battle so she can contribute to the victory haha, since it was her starvation that really first sparked Luffy’s anger. Love the visuals with the go pieces, definitely classic Oda symbolism. I’d made the connection with the dango but hadn’t considered the design of horsey and cp0.

    Also funny thing about the ham in spain, it became a major staple after they got rid of the Moorish occupation they’d had for centuries while they were a caliphate, since pork wasn’t allowed, once they were free it was like fuck that were going to eat SO much pork hahahaha, fun little historical trivia there.


  2. Amazing analysis Artur! I also instantly thought that this girl with the veil might actually be Nico Robin.

    Interesting theory with Toki, but I’m still more towards the boring alternative Hiyori. Other than that, we have still the mysterium of the guy that observed Jinbe and Robin in the beginning of the Onigashima invasion.

    Do you have any idea who this might be??


  3. Aaaah Franky, so underestimated because of that Monster Trio fanon.

    (And it is absolutely fanon. It’s based on taking a relatively throwaway line from Nami as a gigantically important plotpoint. (Whereas if it actually WAS, there’d be WAY more SH’s being like “Geez, I guess that’s our monster trio” (Except they never do, so the M3 proponents cling to fucking CARIBOU (Who knew so much about the SH’s he believed the fake ones) as a supposed source to validate the 99% fanon into super duper important major plot point fanon.)

    You know what, I’m not even sure Sasaki IS Franky’s final (or exclusive) opponent. Remember how Sanji fought against those maffiosi guys who tried to destroy his Soba stand and Franky gave him a hand?

    I predict this will happen again. King and Queen are basically evil Sanji and Franky. Queen (who probably thinks Sanji is the second in command since he was going by bounty height) will go after Sanji at one point, but King will at that point have defeated Marco (Showing he’s not just some S&M gimp on fire.) Sanji is the only guy who can fly, so he’ll try to stop King from going to the roof, but Queen’ll try to stop Sanji. And then Franky Bro’ll stop Queen for Sanji. I mean… are you really surprised Franky could just yeet Sasaki away by the horn? Dude was flipping elephants pre-time skip. And a triceratops or an elephant… I mean, if you can flip one you can flip the other. Let Franky upgrade to brontosaur I say.

    Maybe he won’t, and hybrid Sasaki’ll be more of a challenge, but it’d be COOL if he did and he suplexed Queen! Bronto Bomber meets Franky Southland Suplex!

    Bonus points if later Sanji, Franky, Jimbei and other SH’s make it to the roof as well as part of the cavalry (Which’ll probably at the very least include Hawkins and Tomato. (And Hawkins pulling his super card (Which might actually allow him to briefly overwhelm Kaido for as long as it lasts (Which won’t be long enough, but hey, we might get a few rounds of some special lucky pick overpowered tarot card straw monster pummeling Kaido a bit more.)

    Sure, they won’t defeat Kaido, but it’s all about allowing Luffy some recovery time. And hey, if some SH’s are part of the cavalry, maybe that stupid fanon shit will die, and people will realize that even if you don’t have to like every SH’s they ARE all useful and formidable in their own right (and not massive gigantic gaps behind Luffy and Zoro) and poor Sanji’ll get a bit more respect again too. What can say, Sanji respects daddy Zeff. He might sometimes make a stupid decision, but I’d like ot see him put his boot up a certain pterosaurs ass. I mean that raid suit doesn’t fly just for show right?

    Also I still don’t know WHY people STILL somehow think this is DBZ with pirates, when it just so clearly doesn’t work that way. Things like power matchups, terrain advantage etc. DO matter in OP, characters have overlapping stats that just can’t quite be put into a powerlevel, and characters without haki have more then once defeated characters with haki. This just isn’t DBZ. (If you ask me it’s better and more interesting.) Just because Oda likes DBZ and OP has some shared tropes, doesn’t mean it IS DBZ. There’s blatantly obvious differences too!

    Also mystery girl is sadly probably Hiyori, but I guess maybe she’ll at least kill Orochi (Pro-Tip when dealing with Hydra’s, stab them through the HEART, and leave the sword in so it doesn’t regenerate. Not sure if it’s the exact same with Japanese-style hydra’s, but it’s worth a shot! I reckon it’ll do. Chopping heads less so.)

    Toki would be cool though. But Toki honestly should have just touched Kaido and send him about five billion years into the future. Kaido’d be all like “I’ll rule this place before long!” And then he’d be like “Uh, wait, why is the sun rapidly expanding?”

    I also think it’s funny some people genuinely thought mystery person was Enel. (Much as I do think it’d be hilarious if Black Mariah got there only to be immediately fried by a giant ball of lightning.) (Let’s face it… At this level Enel might be a bit of a glass cannon. But he’s still a CANNON and he can read minds at a massive skill. And Oda saying he’d have a bounty of 500 mil (Similar to Ace, who I think probably could have taken Black Maria just fine) Yeaaah, as silly as it is to think it’s Enel (It’s so clearly not) if it WAS Enel, I don’t think Black Maria would last to long. (And I guess he COULD provide better lightning for Ulti too.) XD


    • I won’t say you’re underestimating the flying six, nevertheless these individuals have potentials (probably) equals to that of a disaster. Franky and Sasaki’s fight is very a heated showdown. Sasaki is overwhelmingly strong and I highly doubt if Franky can continue (after his fight against Sasaki) to fight monsters such as Queen.

      Sanji in the other hand, is more likely going to fight one of the two disasters.


  4. Its more likely Hiyori unless Oda decides to out-smart us again.
    But the fact that they showed Toki’s leg wound would mean something. Judging from that it could be Toki as well.
    But that raises other questions,
    Where was she all this time?
    Did she time-jump to this exact moment or did she hide for 20 years?

    And the main thing, is O-Tama’s devil fruit invincible?
    I guess it all wears off if she passes out once, just like Sugar’s Toy fruit. And the Beast pirates will look forward to do that for sure.
    It also seems like she can’t command Devil fruit Zoans. She can just do it for Smile fruit users.

    Well, I was looking forward to Kaido’s hybrid form but i guess it will take some time. And the added suspense of who was helping the Scabbards is making me mad. I hope we’ll see any one of them in the next chapter.

    I wish i had Toki’s powers so that i could complete reading One Piece. LOL

    It was a good analysis once again Artur. Thanks you.


  5. Hi Artur, your analysis is amazing as always and reading was a pleasure.
    Just two quick flashes to point out:
    – Yes, of course Franky’s attack Victory V etc. is a full quotation from a 1977 Japanese anime, namely “Voltes 5” (or Voltes V) in English translation. You can find a representing screenshot here: .
    – That lady in the end: better not being Toki-sama, I mean, do we understand how *horrible* it’d be to show Toki dying while purposefully following – in death – her loved Oden (i.e. resigning from escaping again into the future), and then making her appear again?!


  6. Since I’ve said some rude things to you because of the “Yamato gender discussion” in the past, I just wanted to apologize for it.

    I was way too hot-headed.

    I won’t be mad for you calling Yamato “he/him” anymore, despite personally still strongly believing that “she/her” is better given the context.

    Ohara explained this situation better than I can in his video today:

    So just again: Apologies on my part, to each their own.


  7. My money is on Toki, (why?) because the nose on the silhouette is shaped like hers rather than Hiyori which is pointed.


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