Chapter Secrets – Chapter 997 in-depth analysis

We’re so close to the big number it almost doesn’t feel real! By the way, recently I’ve been focusing on creating constant content for my YouTube channel as well, so consider giving that a watch too!




  1. This chapter was so amazing! Can’t help but think everything with the gifters is hinting at the botched connection between devil fruits and some form of soul reincarnation. Like they’ve stolen creature’s souls from nature and transplanted them into the artificial fruits.


    • I like the idea, but we know Zoan fruits can give sentience to inanimate objects, like the dog-gun & elephant sword, or chopper gaining human sentience doing the process in reverse.
      when eaten by a sentient creature, it’s just physical.
      In this case they’re artificial so it’s just not a complete transformation.

      Think about how chopper has so many forms he can switch between more than the normal 3, showing the malleability of Zoans, so basically they’re just splicing the base animal onto themselves without any of the control, but with the animal sentience included like with inanimate objects.


  2. i think the spider smile fruit is not black maria.. just look at that lord oni with the hanya mask face, does it look like he has a set of two eyes above his eyebrows that looks like eyes of a spider?


  3. It’s probably take a few chapter to land Onigashima on Wano … and I think it’s gonna on chapter 1000!

    Who gonna fight Black Maria? Everyone know it’s definitely not Sanji. He might escape somehow with Raid Suit ability. I have 2 idea about it.
    – First is Yamato. From relationship Black Maria with Kaido. There might be something about Yamato and Black Maria.
    – Second is Law. Because her spider ability very similar to Doflamingo String’s fruit.

    This chapter give me prediction/Theory of LaughTale might have ability to fly (maybe it’s an Ancient Weapon) and maybe land on Reverse Mountain or Reverie.


  4. In the panel with Onigashima flying, Oda just reproduced on the waves below the famous Hakusai’s painting, “Great wave off Kanagawa”!


  5. I love how Oda keeps sneaking R-rated jokes and visual gags here and there whenever he can. If you look closely, Sarahebi’s kimono does come completely loose as she kicks Sanji.


  6. Just a friendly PSA that black widows aren’t actually as dangerous as most people tend to believe. They are very shy and non-aggressive, so even getting bitten by one is a tall order. According to Wikipedia, only about 2,200 people are reported bitten each year in the US and considering it’s a country of over 328 million, that’s a pretty insignificant amount.

    Moreover, most bites don’t even require medical treatment and there hasn’t been a reported death in the US due to a black widow bite since 1983.

    Additionally, black widows don’t eat their mates “because they have no more use for them.” It’s because pregnant ladies need to eat and some insects and arachnids, not just black widows, have no qualms about using their mates as a snack. Interestingly, some males have learned to combat this by bringing dinner along with them.

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  7. It kicked my PTSD of Luffy running to the final boss. Why there is always have to be some sort of count down. Birdcage, running to Lucci etc…


    • This is because One Piece is built like a Japanese role-playing game.

      Ever wonder why games like Persona 3, 4, 5, Dragon Quest 7, 8, 11, and Xenogears take over 70 hours to finish? Its because the worlds and dungeons are designed just like that. Its supposed to be realistic. There are foes that stand in the way. That’s just the way it is. Someone has to fight King. Someone has to confront Queen otherwise he’ll continue to poison everybody.


  8. About the cover, and the pun written on Sanji’s shirt: we can also add, for those who don’t speak spanish, that “mire” is the imperative form of “mirar”, to look at, second person plural. So he commands all of us to look at that girl…

    Or “yo miré” is the preterit form, “I looked at” -> that’s why I am punished.

    And Ty for your analysis


  9. The person who has the horns isn’t Sarahebi, since you can see Sarahebi standing with her leg pinning down Sanji right next to the woman with horns.


  10. Haha I wish more people on the chapter sites comments read your analysis, there were so many theories last chapter that it was Ivankov screaming and noone understood what was happening with the obi mawashi, and it was so obviously that haha.
    As usual your speculation has been pretty spot on for years now, I figured Kaido would move the island too but you still call everything and pick up on every minute detail.

    Great chapter, I loved the joke about zoro having conquerers, a lot of anime only people thought he had it because of the filler scene on Seabody. Im sure he’ll get it at some point.


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