Chapter Secrets – Chapter 986 in-depth analysis

Surrender your name, surrender your wits, put your life on this analysis! SUNALYSIS!

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  1. im surprised you didnt point out that the scabbards attacking kaido is similar to the blackbeard pirates dog piling whitebeard, its a similar all-out yonko attack haha.

    also i dont know why you think cow fits better than ox bud haha, oxes have horns! i thought that would be more applicable, since theyre also big as well.

    but yeah, damn good analysis as usual! also hotei is the statue everyone always confuses as bhudda, thinking hes a fat guy
    i just cant wait for this battle to play out finally
    it feels like a lifetime ago moriah first mentioned kaido on thriller bark.. and now here we are.
    definitely dont think orochi or kanjuro are out of the running yet either.


  2. In the second to last page you say that Yamato doesn’t know about the Scabbards being alive but before taking off the bracelets Luffy tells her that the little kid is the real Kozuki Momonosuke and that all the vassals are still alive (as per mangaplus)


  3. Good review as usual, but this Yamato stuff … we won’t agree on it.

    The scene with Luffy definitely isn’t as clear-cut as you make it sound. Him calling her “Yamao” could also just as easily be one of his typical name-mistakes (aka “Hammock”).

    In no way it’s clear that he labels her a man. In fact he actually told her that she can’t be the man she wants to be – Oden – when they first met.

    Even if Luffy does this intentionally, her response “It’s Ya-Ma-To!” certainly leaves room for interpretation. If Oda intended it this way, it’s also clearly a hint that she doesn’t want to be addressed like a man anymore imho.

    Especially now, since she sees Oden in Luffy and also just learned that Oden’s will lives on in his very own son, who’s still alive.


      • And Yamato got really angry about it (smoking signs above her head) and immediately corrected Luffy that it’s Yama-TO.

        Oda doesn’t do this just to show that she wants to be a Nakama.

        Heck, she doesn’t even know that Luffy doesn’t use nicknames for his crewmates.

        All she hears is that Luffy addresses her like he would address a male friend and Yamato doesn’t like that.


      • Or maybe Yamato wants to be called by his name instead of a nickname? Luffy says he can’t be ODEN, not that he can’t be a man. He still can be a man LIKE Oden, tho.
        Kaido (his own father) acknowledges him as man, the beast pirates acknowledge him as a man, Luffy acknowledges him as a man. Why can’t you?


    • Holy shit you’re in so much fucking denial. Yamato chooses to be a man. Stop making up buillshit so you can sleep better at night.


    • Sure, but if Yamato really wanted to be seen as female when out of the Oden cosplay, then why is he specifically called “son” by Kaido, when he was born female and could’ve easily kept “daughter?” Kaido clearly doesn’t like his son emulating an enemy, but he still refers to Yamato as male, indicating that Yamato’s choice to “become a man” runs deeper than just being a man while he cosplays Oden. I think that Yamato just wants Luffy to get his name right, and not address him by an informal nickname.


      • If you look up the explanation for how Luffy calls Trafalgar “Tra-guy” (“Tora-O” in Japanese) you might then recall how Trafalgar was equally annoyed at Luffy’s quirky nicknames. Yamato isn’t any different and honestly it’s disappointing that the translation team didn’t catch that his name should follow the same rule as Law’s to be written as “Yama-guy.”

        Side note: I also wonder if Artur recalls the end of year comments from last year where Oda mentioned his amazement at the character of Oscar being a woman and if this perhaps might have been his motivation to reveal Yamato is biologically female. Either way, Oda shouldn’t have to keep clarifying to us that the character is male identifying when Every Single Character refers to Yamato as “he/him.”


  4. Awesome chapter, I wonder if Kaido’s injured, but I kind of hope he’s slightly injured at least. Let’s show some kinks in that armour and a hint of what state of mind you need to put HIM in to turn off his invincibility. (With Big Mom it seems any severe emotional shock will do it.) Let’s show us how one might kill a Kaido, regardless of any ability to do chi-gong punches.

    Also good on Izo shooting King’s sword. Hopefully King permanently lost his sword, and it rolled under some couch into the dimension of lost socks, because I want Zoro to help fight Kaido (Considering he’s specifically carrying Oden’s sword Enma.) And I’d much rather see King use his pterodactyl fruit to fight Marco and/or Sanji in his new flying raid suit. I prefer King NOT to tie up Zoro, but I also don’t want Zoro to fight such a high level opponent and then just go on to fight Kaido too. Since that feels to much. But I also don’t want him to not fight Kaido.

    Besides if Zoro’s always gotta fight the strongest sword-user, that right now happens to be Big Mom (Who’d easily pulverize King.) She has a sword and she knows how to use it too. (Except… let’s face it. Zoro’d lose a one on one swordfight with her, no matter how hard he swore not to lose again.)

    Seriously though… Zoro for anti-Kaido team effort. Sanji for aerial battle against King, Franky for upgrading from body-slamming elephants to suplexing brontosaurs in his mech.That’s what I’d like!

    To be honest whilst I won’t explode if the matchups are entirely different, I’d still be kinda disappointed. XD


    • King isn’t gonna lose his sword easily if he is a competent swordsman.

      also Queen isn’t a Brontosaurus, he’s a Brachiosaurus.


  5. Yamato does know about the Scabbards being alive, Luffy told him this very chapter, right before taking the cuffs off.


  6. Usopp going to face giants… It reminds me when Usopp talks to Chopper back then at Jaya arc about him defeated 10 giants.


  7. Kaido doesn’t know anything about about the void century. (Other then the vague things Oden mentioned during his execution) The war he is talking about is the same one he talks about in chapter 795 which he is going to start himself.


  8. RYUO!!!!!!!!!!

    – Luffy Learns RYUO from Hyogoro (the WEAKEST person in Udon, phsically speaking).
    – You do not need physical strenght to use advance haki.
    – Rayliegh told Luffy in dresrossas flshback to find a different way to fight, what did he mean by that?
    – There is always someone physically stronger then you, Brute strenght and DF are not the answers, but haki IS. THUS “find a different way to fight”.
    – Rayliegh NEVER approved Luffys gear 4th.
    – Rayliegh told Luffy that he will grow stronger the more strong opponent he faces. He was refering to his haki not devil-fruit.
    – Rayliegh told Luffy that “haki blooms” in intense situation.
    – Rayliegh wanted for Luffy to master haki not to devolop his devil-fruit.
    – Raylieghs way is to grow stronger through haki mastery
    – Luffys way through DF. Luffy never listened to Raylieghs training.
    – Hyo NEVER says to Luffy push yourself HARDER or punch HARDER.
    – Hyo repeats 2 things. do Not overstress, just let the haki flow.
    – Luffy NEVER faced a haki master in a full fight BEFORE except for KATAKURI.
    – Every WEAPON can be made into a BLACK BLADE.
    – RYUO is best suited to use with a WEAPON.
    – Ryuo with hand = deflection. Ryuo with weapon = cut everything/ nothing at will.
    – Every Roger pirates have a weapon. shankks, ray, gabban, roger.
    – Overcoming Kaidos scales are difficult for those who uses brute strenght or relies on his DF.
    – overcoming Kaidos scales for a haki master is NOT a difficult task.
    – Admirals can use RYUO with hands but not with SWORDS.
    – Admirals do not put thier lives on the line in order to defeat someone strong, However Scabbards and Straw Hats CAN.
    – Admirals schemes, takes advantage of the situation or attacks when they have the chance.
    – Every charater Luffy faced thus far (post timeskip) uses haki with brute strenght.
    – Ray and Hyo both wants Luffy to use RYUO without brute strenght. Luffy cannot do that. becuase he is like Kaido and uses physical streght to defeat his opponent.
    – Haki masters DO NOT uses physical strenght to defeat someone. They use HAKI INSTEAD.
    – Kaido is invincible against Physicall attacks, but vulnerable against RYUO.
    -RYUO IS NOT A PHYSICALL ATTACK, or technique. But a haki attack that even as someone weak as HYO can use.
    – chapter 955: Luffy has no confidense in king kong gun = physicall attack. Lufys confidense in ADVANCE RYUO is huge.
    – Luffys RYUO surpasses king-kong by a huge margin.
    – Kaido can be killed by scabbards, but not by admirals makes sense to me.


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