Chapter Secrets – Chapter 983 in-depth analysis

Today we have an ultra-exciting chapter! Let’s begin the analysis!

One Piece Chapter 983 analysis Ulti

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  1. I would also like to point out that during the chapter, when we see Pageone’s tail, it is shown Oda has updated it to be more accurate (due to the new info about Spinosaursus coming to light since Pageone’s introduction). True dedication there.

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  2. Long time reader but first time poster, thank you as always for the excellent reviews Artur! As someone who used to be very interested in dinosaurs, just wanted to add that the Pachycephalosaurus pronunciation is a little off, the second c is actually an “s” sound. So based on your original text, it would be “pa-kee-seh-falosaurus.” Hope this helps you or anyone else who reads this far! 🙂


  3. Hi Artur, thank you for the very detailed analysis as usual! As someone who had been very interested in dinosaurs years ago, just wanted to say that the pronunciation for pachycephalosaurus is actually a little off, the second c actually has an “s” sound. So to borrow your original text, it would be “pa-kee-seh-falosaurus.” Hope this helps you or anyone else reading the comments! 🙂


    • I had always pronounced it as “pa-kee-seh-falosaurus” my whole life, but I looked it up today and saw it was “keh” instead. Seems my source was wrong, you’re indeed correct after double checking, thanks! I’ll amend it accordingly


      • Also…I think the reason the Braccio Tank transformed was because BM touched ot and turned it into a homie. Remember Chopper and Usopp mentioned it changed after BM hit it.


  4. Overall a good chapter.Oda’s love for Dinosaurs continues.

    I suppose it’s looking more and more likely that the Tobi Roppo all have Dinosaur Devil Fruits,I have to say I think it would be a shame if it turns out to be so.
    I was hoping for something different.There are so many prehistoric animals that i would have loved to see.

    The thing that doesn’t make sense to me…IF they all have Dinosaur DF’s…it really makes Jack the odd man out with his Mammoth fruit
    i think its really weird that he would be so much different then the others.


    • Don’t think of Kaidou’s officials to have Dinosaur-type Zoans. Think of them as having Ancient Zoans. That way, Jack fits in the group like everyone else. I bet one of the 3 Tobiroppos we don’t know their fruit yet has the Sabretooth model.


  5. What if?

    -Yamato did saw the execution and fall in love with Oden’s charm and charisma.

    -That’s why Kaido thinks Yamato is an idiot.
    An idiot who admires an Idiot Lord.

    Just a piece of my thought 😄
    Do continue your best effort Artur.

    Greetings from Malaysia.


  6. Great article! It’s simply amazing how many things we could learn from “One Piece” – not only about Japanese culture (theatre, language, mythology, yokai, etc.) but also about various dinosaurs xD
    A fight between Luffy and Ulti looked really splendid – it has got a wonderful tension.
    Well, speaking about Yamato I veer towards an opinion that he’s a huge fan of Oden (maybe he witnessed his death? dunno…).


  7. You never really know what Oda is going to show next. With Kaido’s son, I was thinking about a hostage situation in exchange for Momo or the likes. Never did I expect Kaido’s son to recognize and side with Luffy.


  8. Pachycephalosaurus is a Greek combination of words. I don’t know why the pronnouncation has changed in English, but it comes from
    Pachy [pahi]= παχύ(=thick)[pahi],
    cephalo [kefalo]= κεφάλι(=head)[kefali],
    saurus [saurus]= σαύρα(=lizard)[savra],

    so it should be pronnounced as Pahikefalosaurus / Paheekefalosavrus.

    Also, a recent discovery was that dinosaurs indeed had hair all over their body. 😀

    Thanks for your analysis Artur!


  9. Another great read thanks Artur!

    I think the theory that that Kaido forces other captains to submit to him makes a lot of sense, especially when you look at how he treated Luffy, Kid, Caribou and others. Moreover, it would explain why every single Ancient Zoan we’ve seen is currently a beast pirate! It’s either a massive plot convenience, or he has a history of targeting any up-and-coming dinosaur captains!


  10. @Scott, the tank transformed because they accidentally hit a button, its said right in that panel.
    like Artur said, they just triggered the docking without the torso part from the bike. its not suddenly sentient haha


  11. Parallel between Yamato and Oden make me realise that he gonna ask Luffy to go out the sea … and become 10th nakama. (probably the last one)

    I remember once Luffy draw shipbuilder nakama with giant race. But he already got Franky that become robot race. So if this one is young Giant it’s probably fit his dream.

    But what’s about his role on crew? I have no idea.

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  12. TAKE A LOOK AT PAGE 5 CH 971. At the bottom left of the panel, theres this guy (headlesss due to cut panel) that has a siimilar robe as Yamato. My wild guess is he (Yamato) is super inspired by Oden and uses Oden accessories.


  13. And finally in Chapter 984 it is explained that Yamato is a woman (Kaido’s daughter).

    What do you think, Arthur?
    Why did Kaido say that Yamato was his son?

    Is Kaido a person who upholds gender equality?
    I mean, is Kaido as a father who frees and respects his child to choose the desired way of life (gender)?

    Was Kaido even frustrated with his son who idolized Oden and eventually chose to become a man like Oden, so that Kaido called his son “My Idiot Son”?

    If Kaido is really frustrated, does it have something to do with Kaido who likes to get drunk, has his emotions up and down, and has a hobby of suicide?
    So many questions ..


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