Return to the Reverie – Chapter 6 (FINALE)

Here it is! The grand finale of the Return to the Reverie Project! Enjoy the culmination of all our work, a 30 page spectacular filled to the brim with theories, surprises, and emotion!



DISCLAIMER: This chapter is really long, as it’s a dense 30 page special, filled to the brim with big reveals and revelations. Obviously Oda would never make a chapter like this, so don’t think of it so much as a traditional One Piece chapter, but something longer and more thorough. Enjoy!



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Return to the Reverie Afterword One Piece

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  1. Hello and thanks for the amazing Job, it was a really fun ride!

    Could you please provide a High Res version of page 6? That’d be great!

    Thanks again for your hard work!

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      • This was absolutely amazing. The call backs in this chapter were spot on. I couldn’t believe this was fan made. Well done Artur, you made me extremely happy as a One Piece fan with this. Thank you.


  2. Good Job dude
    I loved the idea of the other ancient weapons controlling Zunisha and the things that create the red line
    Just great job man


  3. From the first chapter till the very last, that was truly one of the best things I’ve ever read! Thank you for all the hard work you guys put into this project!


  4. This was fun, and connected a lot of disparate dots from the manga’s canon (except the huge straw hat in Mary Geoise, which was left out). I salute you for calling out the whole reincarnation angle, in the end. I really don’t want to go through another senseless Naruto reveal like that.


  5. Damn what a good chapters. Feels like they’re part of One Piece story but i know it isn’t but it’s more like that: Therioes.

    All the chapters are like theories and i enjoyed those theories a lot.


    • Wow. Thank you so much for this masterpiece. This was truly so much fun reading. These theories open up so many more possibilities I personally did not think of before. Bravo!!


  6. What a master piece! I always know that one day when the story of one piece continue in the future, I will encounter moments that make me cry. And who would guess! I cried when I read this chapter. I felt the warm and ambition that have been put in this work. Thank you Artur and Gemini for this great project, especially you Artur, I always like your works in the library and Twitter . I will look forward for both of your works.


  7. This is a very cool fan project, but there was one thing I immediately wondered.

    Would the five elders actually be dead if they had the powers suggested earlier in this series, and they where thrown off the red line? Because that honestly shouldn’t kill them. (In fact SOMEHOW Kinemon and Kanjuro survived a fall like that twice.)

    But still think about it. If the tall guy is a Rokushiki master, he can just use Geppou to break his fall. The haki master guy can probably just tank the fall, the sword user might be able to use one of those pressure wave slashes to break his fall. The dinosaur and the mercury logia guy can just tank it (Logia’s shouldn’t be that susceptible to fall damage and the sea doesn’t turn off devil fruit powers, it immobilizes users. (Hence Luffy at Arlong Park still being stretchy underwater.) Also the two devil fruit users can then be rescued by their non-devil fruit using comrades. Also if the sword guy can’t break his fall, the rokushiki guy could save him too.

    You’d think the Elders would really just be alive, logically speaking. Falling off the red line shouldn’t be a huge problem for ’em with the powers they where given here.


    • I think it can be considered that IMU killed them since they only acted as a proxy and the time for IMU to rise has finally come. He had no need for them anymore.


  8. The nicest, most complete one piece theory i’ve ever seen

    Good job Artur & Gemini and all people included in this project

    The great shadow of florian triangle is a nice twist, among others. Damn, why are you guys so damn good at it

    Let’s see which one is in line with what gOda’s reveleation later


  9. This was a great project you created. I wonder if Oda-Sensei would go in this direction?

    Well, imagination is a wonderful thing and I’m glad yours brought us a truly wild ride.



    it really gives me the feeling only one piece can give me,
    its so well thought out and every detail makes sense to me, so good!


  11. Wow, this is absolutely fantastic! Each chapter made me even more delighted with the quality of the story and the art!
    I am sure that whenever I remember One Piece, I will remember your work too!
    Thank you both for the amazing chapters!


  12. Beautiful. Truly captivating. It reminded me exactly why we love One Piece so much. I would be 100% perfectly okay if this was the actual story, after Wano, except panned out over some 100+ chapters. I’m so sad that actual One Piece will actually not go like this. It’s a story so beautiful and so human, it appeals to our rawest desires of exploration. It romanticizes the sea, the adventure. the huge open blue skies, with the brightest sun shining, the whitest clouds towering over. And all of it, over a period of 25+ years by the time it’s over. A life’s journey. I don’t know what’s better, to read One Piece as it’s coming out, or to read it all once it’s over, like future generations will be able to do. Also, I had no idea you were Indonesian, Artur. Explains your funny accent in your YouTube channel. Your written english is flawless, though, congrats.


  13. I made an account just to post a comment here..

    Dear friend, there is no other way to refer to this project if not as a masterpiece.
    Your work is awesome, the story is simply


    The drawings are perfects. The way you imagined some links with the past story is simply astonishing.
    It’s a fckin masterpieceeeeeee.

    I can’t scream in a comment but i would like to be one of this screaming tv sellers that are always excited about some shit product they are proposing..

    Except that this is a lot more valuable.

    Ok madness apart, i wanted to do something about that, as a little piece of reader i am.
    Later on i’m goign to donate something, when i will have some cash because i’m still living with parents and finising uni (0€ in my pocket)

    But i want also to take, with your permission, these beautiful scans/panels and put them in an editor and print them in a REAL MANGA!! With cover pages, all inlets, comments, etc etc.

    I like doing that stuff. If i could it would be awesome to ship that to you some way or another. But i’m not excluding the possibility of you guys doing that stuff by your own,

    What do you think??? Please let me know.

    PS: that part about not giving up your dreams, that really touched me, expecially because i’m in a shitty situation with my life. So encouraging to see your work. Thanks a lot.


    • awsome simply awsome
      i liked these 6 chapters more than all of wano and the war with the yonkos of oda like c’mon man it was so packed and throwing in a loop i had to repeat all of one piece to get the hung of the story
      these chapters even if i had to repeat panel to fully digest the complete info, they were touching my very soul
      great job i enjoyed it .
      thanks and i’m sorry i can’t donate because of a lot of issues in my country related to foreign exchange and stuff


  14. Thank you for this monumental effort. Your work will not be forgotten.

    Anybody translated it into Japanese yet?


  15. this is epiiic artur…

    and this has become canon for me.
    so proud of you & the team behind.

    big big big thanks from us indonesian reader that usually go “read & leave”. thanks artur,we love youuuu.


  16. Superb
    Very interesting theories I must say !
    I am fan of one piece since 2008 and I say respect 🙂

    You guys succeeded in explaining a lot of things finally.
    That being said, I really wonder in which direction Oda sensei will be to go with his explainations.

    5 or 6 more years to go ?


  17. Wow, “Romance Dawn”, if that turns out to be true, it will be amazing. Already from the very begining of One Piece Oda has been leaving such hints.


  18. There is no contest: this is the greatest One Piece Fan Chapter ever made by a country mile. What a concept!
    If this doesn’t happen to be the direction that the story of One Piece is going, I hope that someone ends up continuing it and we see hat happens in that final arc.


  19. So uranus must be descendants of kozuki clan, that control something like zounisha, i like your theory, all of u are the genius one!!!


  20. Wow, so good! To Artur and Gemini, both of you are so talented. I love how in the end, the prophecy is all BS, and it’s really the dream itself that lives on. I can only hope that this is the direction Oda takes too! 🤞


  21. An amaging and trustable theory. Poesedon is Shirahoshi, Pluton is Vivi and Urenus is Kouzoki Momnuske. In the past the urenus leve his children toki into the 800 year future. And then toki give birth Momo. But momo’s birth wasn’t at right time for being a weapon. But he traveled to the future,that’s why now he is on right time. We also saw that he can control the scy king the giant elephant. That means he is Urenus. And also if imu kill Monkey D Dragon on the fatefull day, he cannot kill joy boy’s will. Because Roger also inherited Joy boy’s will,and now Luffy inherited Roger’s will, to be the freest person of the sea. That means ultimatly Luffy is the one who inherited Joy boy’s will. And he also wond theall three ancient weapon. Because three of the become his allies Vivi, Shirahoshi and Momonuske.


  22. Wow as someone who watchers dozens of OP youtubers, for their theories and fun One Piece trivials.
    Who follows every episode and chapter.

    I have to say,
    If this are the reveals at the end of One Piece.
    I would be amazed and pleased to the core.

    These chapters if its even close to the actuall ending.

    I say
    My 20+ years journey following One Piece
    Would be satisfied beyond words.

    Props to the team who made this.

    My heart felt like its going to burst like i’m actually reading the last chapters of One Piece


  23. Really interesting and enjoyable fan-fiction.
    Massive probs for throwing away the prophecy plot for the more realistic dreams interpretation.
    Also the art is top class.


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