Chapter Secrets – Chapter 980 in-depth analysis

Apapapa! Check it out! Chapter Secrets 980 coming straight at YOU brother!

By the way, don’t forget that Chapter 4 of Return to the Reverie is dropping tomorrow! Check it out!!

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Only 20 more to go!!


  1. For me Punk Gibson was a reference to William Gibson, the founding writer of “cyberpunk”, but I guess it’s my own bias and Oda has such a broad culture that it could actually be both.


    • ps: I’m not contesting your reading since I know nothing of japanese, and the pun you detect is in fact much more plausible.


  2. Great job Arthur! I have a theory why some character like Who’s Who, Bao Huang and that weird looking dude have the same feature. As we know from few chapter back the flying six are make up of former captains so maybe they belong in the same crew before got “recruited” to the beast pirate, thus the same “Eye” feature.


    • That’s a nice theory.
      Though Oda would have hinted this somehow..I mean, Who’s Who was present when his supposed former subordinante Bao-Huang read the topics…he would have reacted to her somehow, don’t you think?


  3. Hey! Great analysis as always. Just something you maybe didn’t notice. Look at Kid’s amalgam of metal in Punk Gibson’s attack. There’s a Meltan at the right of it, just next to the panel’s division.

    Perhaps there are more easter eggs on that arm?


  4. What if those with the eye symbol are part of Who’s Who’s crew, since he is a former captain and he has that eye symbol too.


  5. Haha go Kid, metal always beats DJ crap, it actually takes skill and is way more badass 😉

    But no, goddamn! We knew his powers were pretty good since he sliced up kizaru, if he wasn’t a logia that would have been deadly
    But fuck! Blasting away Luffy with an attack that actually seems damaging
    And giving Zoro his first real post timeskip injury
    He got close with fujitora and carrot, Hawkins definitely sliced him a bit, but this was full on pre-timeskip usual Zoro arc injury


  6. Great analysis as always, but I have a constructive critic this time. Although I think it’s very cool for you to provide translated versions of your content, your homepage became to polluted, since it has lots of translated versions of both chapter secrets and Return of Reverie. Isn’t there a way to put the translated versions in a specific page?

    Just a suggestion, if it gives you too much trouble, doesn’t mind it.
    Congratulations for your continuous great job!


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