Chapter Secrets – Chapter 975 in-depth analysis

Another relatively straightforward chapter this week! Let’s get started!

One Piece Chapter 975 analysis 1One Piece Chapter 975 analysis 2One Piece Chapter 975 analysis 3One Piece Chapter 975 analysis 4One Piece Chapter 975 analysis 5One Piece Chapter 975 analysis 6One Piece Chapter 975 analysis 7



25 chapters to go!


  1. Muchas gracias Arthur! Manténgase sano y salvo! Todos los nakama debemos llegar juntos al final del viaje!


  2. I don’t think Kyo’s identity being revealed was as small a contribution as the analysis makes it seem

    It was the entire insurance that the congregating of anyone could happen in the first place imo


  3. Kinemon is gonna take that secret to his grave. Nobody wants to know that the leader of the rebellion can’t even figure out Hato from the parchment.


  4. I really appreciate the analysis. This chapter had me dying, the last panel. Hahahahahaha. Dear god, I love this series.


  5. I feel that Denjiro trolled everyone around in believing in Kinemon’s great skills with leadership. Seriously, what if he made it in order to boost Scabbards morale after Kanjuro’s treason? Seems like in Scabbards’ group project Denjiro is the one who’s making 99 percent of work xD
    Besides I was wondering how Denjiro was able to hide his pompadour during his spectacular night job – he was wearing a wig all along! xD
    Nice! Now I can’t wait for crossover with Gintama where Denjiro is speaking with Katsura…


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