Chapter Secrets – Chapter 974 in-depth analysis

We’re here quite early this week, as this was a relatively simple chapter to get through (unlike the monsters that were the past two chapters). The bulk of it is really the Kanjuro being the traitor stuff, but since I already had a full script for a theory video I was working on regarding Kanjuro possibly being the traitor, since it’s been confirmed in this chapter I just reused that script to talk about him here. And since the rest was pretty straightforward, for once today’s analysis is on the actual day of release! Let’s start then!!

One Piece Chapter 974 analysis 1One Piece Chapter 974 analysis 2One Piece Chapter 974 analysis 3One Piece Chapter 971 analysis copy 16One Piece Chapter 974 analysis 5One Piece Chapter 974 analysis 6One Piece Chapter 974 analysis 7

If you want to take a better look at Kid’s ship, the Victoria Punk, check this out!

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  1. Great job as always, nowadays I consider reading your articles mandatory, so thank you for the quality content.

    By the way, have you ever think of a more smart phone-friendly form factor of the articles? Because It tends to get a bit small to read easily.


  2. I love to read theories, and at the same time I don’t like, because always the biggest plot twists are for me like: meh, I knew that for a long time. I had it with, for example, Kuroshitsuji and through you with a few revelations from the OP 😅 Nevertheless, thank you very much for them and for your work with analysis ☺


  3. It was such a great chapter (can’t wait for the next one 🙂

    In my opinion this idea with showing Wano in theatrical way is surely wonderful. It indicates that situation, people in Wano aren’t always what they seem. Almost everyone are wearing “masks” because they aren’t able to be yourself around Orochi & Kaidou.

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  4. Great work! And very early!
    I found it suspicious that Kanjuro did not recognize Yasui when they were reunited, just before Yasui was killed, but since Shinobu didn’t it either, at that time I thought it was only a forced mistake to allow the plot to be developed. Foll of me!


  5. Great analisys, Arthur. I didn’t rebember about Law distant behavior before the flashback, but now i bet that the guy who save him from the prison in the chapther 954 was Denjiro and this explain “the plan C”. Do you agree?

    ps. not english speaker, sorry.


  6. Oda used a very common writing troope with Kanjuro being the traitor. Retroactive “hints”. Open ended “hints” that could apply to multiple people in the right context. Until he decides on who it really is. Then people go back and see the hints and how it points to who was just named.


    • Oda clearly decided first who was the traitor (it wouldn’t work otherwise with his type of story) and then left some “false” breadcrumbs. After someone theorized that Kanjuro can draw really well he was always suspect number one for me – and the only other traitor theory that was believable for me centered around Bariete (the little monkey on Zou).


      • Bariete is out of the line for two reasons:
        – he didn’t actively appear in Wano
        – he is an insignificant character, thus, him as a traitor would shock none

        Besides Kanjuro, only Carrot and Kiku were reasonable suspects.
        People, who come up with Law or Shinobu don’t understand One Piece


  7. I can still see a “traitor”- like role of Carrot, which is based on three cases (that you already pointed out in the past)
    – the different shade of her vivre card, considering her allegiance to be between the Beast Pirates and the Mink Tribe
    – the “Fourth All-Star” in the flashback of the burning Oden castle that could be her mother for example
    – Similar to Kanjuro (and this is a new point for you, Arthur), we didn’t have a named chapter neither for Kanjuro, nor for Carrot, clarifying Carrot’s (and her presumed mother’s) past


  8. While they were discussing a traitor all the way back in Zou, I think it’s quite likely that the plot was Law’s. I can imagine Drake telling him of a snitch (not necessarily that it was Kanjurou but probably that it was one of the scabbards), and he planning it all in secret, hence why he didn’t let the Straw Hats know he had been freed from prison.


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