Chapter Secrets – Chapter 972 in-depth analysis

Whew! This one took a while. A  lot of research, hard work and refining went into making this analysis. Just trying to break down Oden’s final words was already quite a challenge, but on top of that some of the other things said in this chapter help confirm some long-standing theories and hint towards bigger things.

However, I was originally planning to talk about all of these things here in this analysis, but I felt that not only would I keep you waiting too long for this analysis, but that it’d take away from other important things in this chapter like Oden’s death. I don’t want to rush working on all the big things this chapter is hinting to, so I’d like to take more time with researching all of that since it’s all part of a much larger picture. I hope you can wait for me to have more time to work on all this information, tied with other big information, and only release it when I’ve been able to present it in as complete of a form as possible. I apologize for that, but I don’t wish to rush any of my content and I want to make sure to present this in the best and highest quality way possible!

Eitherway, don’t let that detract from a lot of the other things in this chapter that are so special, including the brilliance that Oda put into Oden’s final words, which I’ll go into in an extensive multi-page breakdown. Enjoy!

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Alright, this next part we’ll go into great depth, so if you want some music to listen to, listen to this!

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To share one last bit of Oda’s brilliance, this chapter was released on February 22nd… Japan’s national oden day.


  1. You got me looking forward to what is coming next. People can now start theorizing on what Arthur’s analysis will be (laughs).


  2. Yeah doflamingo also know about this war because he mentioned to tsuru after his defeat. He said, it’s been 25 years since Roger’s death and a war will erupt for world supremacy . The fact that doflamingo knows about the exactly 25 years figure and a war leads to a conclusion with several divergence like cd knowing about the war, what D. Was about etc


  3. I believe that the old hag Kaido is reffering that he killed was not Higurashi but Hyogoro’s wife. If it was Higurashi it wouldn’t make any sense that Orochi had not a single panel on this talk, and it doesn’t fit Kaido’s manners at all. We’ve seen in chapter 969 that Hyogoro’s wife is being called a hag.


    • No, it was Higurashi and Orochi wouldn’t care as long as he gets to sits in the thronw then again even if Orochi is opposed of the idea he wouldn’t want to go against Kaido. Hyou’s wife has been dead for 5 years and Kaido has been killing lots of people, why in the world would he apologize now and to Oden who’s not even close to her. It’s Higurashi because of her Kaido wins an unfulfilling victory and that’s why he apologizes period.


  4. Related to the concept of 20 year period and the Great War. I was wondering, what if the Straw Hats training for 2 years was deliberate as well! What if it was intentional from Rayleigh perhaps, (since he would also know of the Great War) so the Straw Hats journey coincides with all of this roller coaster of a ride. Any thoughts?


  5. in some of my far-off-from-reality imagination, i hope that roger crew came to know about the fate that Oden, of their nakama, had to endure
    they’ll no doubt will sail to Wano and help Oden
    and sayonara kaido if that was what happen


  6. One thing I don´t understand is why Oden let himself to be executed. He had opportunities to escape and attack Kaido, that is when Oden was in prison (he had 3 days, right). On execution day he could stil attack and kill kaido and orochi. Why did he let himself to be executed? Was it to save people from getting killed (but people got killed infront of him), was it for some “samurai code of honor” I dont know, he should have attempt to kill them somehow.


    • Oden has launched a war stealthily with adequate preparation before, but he was defeated. Being badly hurt, for what reason would he win this time under supervision?
      Attaching Kaido helps nothing but put the citizens into danger.


  7. When reading the chapter I was moved but not as much as I expected from Oda, who is usually so good at bringing out my emotions. I now understand it was because I didn’t get the subtleties of the wording in the translation! Thank you for taking the time to fully explain it–now the full feeling of the end of the Legendary Oden has finally hit me! :sob:


  8. This was beutiful. Thanks for your hard work on this analysis, and I’ll be looking forward for your next big analysis that you address in the introduction.
    And just as Hililuk, Oden won’t die. He will live forever in the memory of all One Piece fans.


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