International Demographic Poll Results!

Some weeks ago I translated the results of the Japanese Demographic Poll, a poll conducted in Japan by Shueisha and featured in the eight volume of the One Piece magazine where One Piece fans of all ages, from 0-19 all the way to 50 and beyond, were asked who their favorite characters, arcs and polls where. So in that same article I opened up a survey for all international readers to tell me what their favorite One Piece characters, arcs and polls were, and see how each generation stacks up compared to Japanese readers.

So with that, the poll concluded with almost 5,000 votes! Here you have all compiled results varying by age and gender!

Iteratioal Demographic PollAges gedersFavorite Characters 10-19Favorite Characters 20-29Favorite Characters 30-39Template Poll copy 5Template Poll copy 6Template Poll copy 7Template Poll copy 8Template Poll copy 9Template Poll copy 10

For ages 40 and higher, the amount of votes received were unfortunately quite low, so I couldn’t quite present full standings like in the other cases. However, in case you are still interested, here are the few votes received for ages 40 and older:

Template Poll copy 13

But now, to top this all off, how about we combine all categories to see what are the total favorites for all three main categories? Let’s see!

Favorite quotes all agesFav Arcs All AgesFav characters all ages

Whew and that is all! Honestly, this took way more effort than I imagined, having to sort through all the votes (lots and lots of math) and typesetting it together and I’m sure this won’t get as much traction as other things, but I’m still glad I conducted this poll, as it’s always fascinating to see how our different experiences in life at different ages can differ our tastes and what makes each of us so unique.

I’ll see you around tomorrow with your weekly does of Chapter Secrets! Hope you have a great day!



  1. Thanks, Artur! I’ve been curious to see the results since the day I answered it!
    It’s interesting that Chopper consistently got something around 6th place in the Japanese polls, but didn’t even get a top 10 in your poll. They really love him around there.


    • Sanji had nearly equivalent support across genders, it’s more that among the female respondents to this poll there was a greater diversity of taste. (Your comment is still valid and funny, however.)

      Unfortunate that there is such a gender gap, though I am happy to see France well represented among the respondents!


  2. It’s interesting how the female audience remember the great phrase Robin said about remembering the past and the male audience doesn’t.


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