Chapter Secrets – Chapter 969 in-depth analysis

This was quite the controversial chapter in a lot of ways, but this doesn’t mean it wasn’t beautifully packed with secrets! Let us unpack everything in this chapter!

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Since people seem to enjoy songs with my analysis recently, consider giving this a listen as we read through the closing page of this chapter!

One Piece Chapter 969 10

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  1. I think there is a connection between Oden dancing for 5 years and the Kitetsu blades. there is a connection between those kokeshi dolls and Kitetsu blades as well. Why Kitetsu blades are cursed? Robin found those dolls when she was searching for ponyglyph in Orochis mansion.
    Oden making a deal with Orochi makes no sense. Oden was forced to do this, still makes no sense, why would he dancee naked for 5 years? it makes sense if it was for a day or two, but not for 5 years.
    This tells me that there is a deep connection that we are not aware of, once revealed, all makes sense in way where people are loving and respecting Oden.
    I think Oden is inspired by Roger and he is also going down as a legend.

    Kaido loses to Oden and Oden loses to Orochi. Strength doesn´t always wins a battle. Symbolic, eh?


  2. amazing analyse as always , thanx for your hard work
    so please can you update ‘the one piece timeline’ after we get roger and oden past ?


  3. Moria´s crew doesn´t look like the big monsters? (Numbers was their name?) Maybe he take them as prisoners, look potential and make them part of his army? (I just want Moria be part of something, sorry, he talk about the power of Kaido for the first time on one piece story and i want him to be more relevant)

    And i know that people talk about the stronger paramecia being the Gura gura no mi but the Bari bari have so much power, i can´t believe that someone with so much haki and strength can´t break it… and as a offensive fruit like Bartolomeo use it is really effective too. Is one of my favorite fruits for sure.


    • Yeah most certainly they look like the numbers, It would be poetic if you ask me, Kaido takes the numbers and slaughters Moria’s crew while the latter can’t do anything, so he takes Ryuma’s corpse in retaliation; also Oden’s 5 years of Hell —> Enma; 5 years of Heaven — Ame no habakiri so many parallels; and Artur do I even need to say it, Thanks as always for the lucious, exciting thrilling analysis, Katajikenai deansu !


  4. Could be an exciting fight between oden with roger pirates and orochi with kaido pirates if roger discover what happened to wano


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