Chapter Secrets – Chapter 965 in-depth analysis

Sorry for being a couple days behind, but I had a bit of a nasty injury on Friday so I preferred to take things easy for the rest of the day (I’m all good now though, don’t worry). This chapter was pretty massive to analyze, so it took a while, but here it is!

On a separate note, I am utterly loving this flashback! Every single detail we’re seeing about both Wano and the outside world is just a joy to witness.

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  1. I believe in chapter 958 when they’re dropping of Oden in Wano that Shanks has no scar on his face. So it had to happen later in the story.


  2. Hey Arthur, not to complain about you speculations but you saying that in this clash Shanks gets his scar from Teach, is not possible because remember the chapter with the opening from act 3 of wano there was a flashback from the time Oden (at that time still in a black silhouette) was on Roger’s ship and Shanks did not have thet scar yet!


      • ?? It’s not a theory, he definitely did get his scar from Teach he said so himself, and we know teach uses a claw weapon

        The only thing unclear is when


  3. I also believe Shanks got his scar after he himself became captain and clashed with Whitebeard’s crew. Also the final meeting between Roger and Whitebeard( ch576) happened after Roger had already become Pirate King; as he offered to tell Whitebeard how to reach Raftel, with the latter stating that he wasn’t interested in it.

    Besides that, great read as always. BTW are you planning on doing a summary for the latest magazine volume?


  4. The meeting between Whitebeard and Roger took place after Roger reached Laughtale, right? Because Roger asked Whitebeard if he wanted to know how to get to Laughtale.


  5. It seems you didn’t notice, but in that panel where Whitebeard suggests making five divisions – before he orders Oden to command the 2nd division – we can actually see Vista and Epoida volunteering to become commanders. Implying that Vista has been the 5th division commander since it was created and Epoida led either the 1st, 3rd, or 4th division until he formed his own crew. I think Marco and Jozu weren’t chosen, since they were too immature with Marco barely being old enough to no longer be an apprentice and Jozu definitely still being an apprentice, plus it’s implied that they were in similar positions/ranks to Teach when the three of them were young and Teach joins later in the chapter. And I included 4th as a possible division for Epoida, since Thatch hasn’t made an appearance as a WB pirate, yet. The remaining two divisions are likely led by other future allied captains like Epoida.


  6. Hey Artur,

    Where die you goz 雨月 from? Is it from the original japanese Version?

    I thought the Kanji for the Uzuki clan would be 卯月, like Uzuki aka April in Japan. Which would actually mean Moon of Hare like the 4th Chinese Zodiac.

    Bests Nessos 🙂


  7. I don’t know whether the old hag could be a character we already know about, but there may definitely be more to her, regardless. Someone with the Mane Mane no Mi is by default an exceptional undercover agent, so I wouldn’t put it past the World Government to have recruited her while she was abroad and given her the Devil Fruit in exchange for her role in destabilising Wano as a country that refuses to subject itself to the WG.


  8. I think one way to explain Izo separating with Oden is if Oden asked him to bring Toki and the kids to Wano after learning the dangers that going with Roger would bring.


  9. Hi, man. How are you??

    First, thanks for all your work!! It’s awesome to read your analysis every week. I want to tell you something I’ve been thinking since the last chapters in Wano, i noticed that some of most important families in Wano have the Moon word in his name, and now is confirmed. So, i remembered the mini history arc of Enel going to the moon and i read it again looking for clues and i found some interesting things. The robots that Enel finds on the moon were born on an island of the blue sea call karakuri, and if you look at the picture it has a traditional japanese architecture and also his name, even, one of the robots has an armor like the One Luffy has now. Also says that the professor love to look up the moon.

    So, what do you think? Do you think that the professor is from Wano or the people of the is related to Wano?

    Thanks, maybe you can find more interesting things on that.

    Once again thanks for you work man.


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