Chapter Secrets – Chapter 964 in-depth analysis

Man, what a chapter! This one was an absolute joy to analyze, such an innate sense of adventure and fun. I feel it’s been a long while since we’ve had a chapter that’s felt quite like this, so it really is an exciting one to analyze!

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  1. yeah about that image of Roger,you can see that he has not the dark circles under his eyes yet witch means that he has not caught that incurable sickness yet, he also does not have those insane looking
    eyes yet too!


  2. Thanks for the fun and detailed analysis!

    Regarding Roger and the Grand Line:

    We already know from zou arc that his last voyage wasn’t his first time entering the grand line, as I recall

    Inuarashi said that he started his voyage anew after getting to the mysterious island that all three log poses

    point toward and learning of the poneglyphs.


    • In which chapter did inu said that?

      Btw Arthur, did you notice that on the hot island, Marco already showed his hybrid pheonix form? Moreover, when WB ask him to take Izou, it also hinted that Marco already had his flight ability (or else, how could you take Izou only, but not Oden)


  3. hi artur, i have a question – are you sure it’s 月 in the family names ? imo it doesn’t look like this character at all in the chapters, more like this one : 付 (used as a suffix)


  4. artur, it’s me again – the details of toki’s top, the bird may be based on the bird called crested ibis (or toki) – but then she doesn’t wear “wanokuni shoes”


  5. Maybe I am imagining things, but I think in the panel with Rogers ship we can see a glimpse of that giant egg yet again. which means he already had it back then. I am so confused everytime i see this egg, maybe its Uranus the third ancient weapon or maybe its STRONGLY connected to Toki, because maybe it will hatch in this timeline and thats the reason she sent them 20 years into the future?


  6. Thanks Artur. I hope someday you make a timeline after all these events we’re hearing, so we can know exactly when things happened.


  7. It’s hard to say for sure, but it looks like the egg is already on the Oro Jackson. You can see what appears to be the top of it underneath the right side of the first sale.


  8. Gotta say, when I saw Whitebeard making the same expression as Oden I laughed so hard!

    As soon as I realized Toki comes from the end of the void century, I knew you would be the one to elaborate on the implications of that statement. I’m so glad I was right!

    She could play a huge role in revealing some big secrets about the history the WG tried to erase and probably the nature of the One Piece

    BTW, I’m happy to see I’m not the only one who thought of Luffy when seeing Oden’s child-like wonder to the world he gets to discover. His recklessness getting him into trouble is similar to Luffy too

    Keep up the good work

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