Chapter Secrets – Chapter 959 in-depth analysis

Hey everyone, as you’ve likely heard, I just came back from Japan and all the post-travel fatigue is coming down upon me. As such, while I will still be around and doing things like Chapter Secrets, I’ll simply slow down on content for a little time. I’m very excited to work on a bunch of content as well as several videos pretty soon, but I just ask that you give me some time to get my bearings again. Thank you again for your patience!

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  1. Oden’s entrance is like:
    “So lock up your daughter
    Lock up your wife
    Lock up your back door
    And run for your life
    The man is back in town
    Don’t you mess me ’round…
    ‘Cause I’m T.N.T.”


  2. It’s Kikunojo, he’s the traitor. Kikunojo is also the witching hour boy, “give secret information to the rich, and give rewarded money to the poor.” Ch 959 O-Tsuru said she met and implied that Kiku revealed himself to her as Kikunojo. In ch 921 “O-Kiku” lies to Kinemon saying: although O-Tsuru met him, Kiku did not reveal his identity. My guess is Kiku has an ulterior motive, like he’s doing it for the good of the scabbards kind of thinking. Also think that there is something symbolic about Kiku being the only Scabbard wearing Kabuto amour, mask and all, something like falling for the trap or doing an Urashima, hiding his face behind a mask hiding his gender too. Kiku was also at Kuri beach.

    ps, my other thoughts: Oden has a eye scar exactly like Zoro’s (lol), Jinbe will come with Nekomamushi and the Whitebeard remnants, and $5 on Law & Luffy or Law & Zoro using a call back to Dressrosa “strategem” to get a suprise and good hit on Dragon form Kaido.

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      • @Pirate Vision:
        Oh okay. I had hoped you were just ignorant of the world/how your words sounded/the fact you should probably try to respect people’s identities especially when it takes absolutely minimal effort/… but good to know you’re actually just a cunt and not worth interacting with. I really hope you can one day grow into a decent human being. “crying laughing emoji”.


      • My apologies to Kikunojo,
        A fiction character/of a fiction story/biological male/who now identifies as O-Trans/the witching hour Trans/Trans scabbard… 😒

        Lighten up @O-Tra, I mean “@O-Kiku best trap”, it’s just banter lad.


  3. this will probably be the first flashback of at least two. In this one we will probably see his relationship with his father,possibly Toki and how he recruited the 9 Scabards, maybe it will end with him joining Whitebeard.


  4. Hola Artur. Si colocas los eventos en una línea del tiempo desde que Luffy escondió el Sunny hasta el Festival de fuego encontraras que los días doce y once antes del ataque no hay ninguna actividad. Es algo raro no.

    Siguiendo la línea del tiempo, Luffy cambia de vestuario dos días antes de la batalla pero un día después vuelve a estar con la ropa anterior. Viéndose tan genial no creo que se quiera cambiar el traje.

    Hice un calendario que te comparto en el espacio que dice Website de la caja de comentarios.



  5. Page 4, have we seen that black cat-like mink before on Zou? I can’t remember, but he looks like Faust from Hawkins Pirates, even though he is black and not white which was previously in the manga.


  6. They put out a correction for the feedbac flashback, it’s 41 years ago not 39 I guess, subtle difference but I wonder if it’s just Oda being specific or a plot reason


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