Chapter Secrets – Chapter 958 in-depth analysis

Alas, our return to the Reverie was met with an incredibly brief two chapters, ending just a bit too soon. It’s sad to be back, but at least those two chapters will remain unforgettable for a long, long time to come…

One Piece Chapter 958 1One Piece Chapter 958 2One Piece Chapter 958 3One Piece Chapter 958 4One Piece Chapter 958 5One Piece Chapter 958 6One Piece Chapter 958 7One Piece Chapter 958 8

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  1. Just wanted to post an Idea what if the only thing Orochi did is taking the main Snail which is responsible for the other smart snail idk how theire called. And thats is all what happened with Orochi. And the other are simply not there because of the traitor that is one of the scaberts. Btw got the idea from Tekkings Review anyway great content

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    • And, you guys HAVE to remember swamp man. In no way he believes luffy can beat kaidou. So, HE’S the double agent for kaidou, since its kaidou the ideal emperor for him to sellwant the shiraoshi ancient weapon info. Plus, he have all plan info. And, we dont know if he have underlings arround… or just buy his freedom by selling out all traitors to orochi… bat gifter was one of the first presented for some reason… and rat guy too… those are the traitors i believe, not law, or minks or scabbards. Plus, there might’ve been a vuard on the port, or the team found out the den den were being tracked, so, they decided to go on a faith motto, waitting the scabbards to understand… there must be some info they left. Or there must be someone under the boat that will info them about the situation. The numbers could had received the info to destroy the stuff on the port too…or… king time! No one know the skills of king, but we all know that he rule the skies of wano… it was bad weather wen the big mom team arrived on wano near king…


  2. Maybe odens 20 years is also tied to Rogers message and awaiting someone.. they knew he was too sick to finish the D mission, but read/learned a successor would come with his will, in 20 years, so both Oden & Roger are awaiting that person, whether Luffy is a straight inheritor of literally Rogers D will or just another D that’s worthy
    Also it ties to the Minks, awaiting the Dawn
    Seems after Roger left that became the prime mission for the alliance is await the coming successor, hence Shanks knowing what Luffy was when he found him, Rayleigh, the Minks
    They realize he’s the true D

    Also..isn’t it kind of funny that Wano samurai are all outrageously tall haha, even for OP? Kinemon, Oden, Kanjuro, they’re all like 10 feet tall..when it’s based on Japan, which has an average height of 5′ 5”
    I guess it’s the same thing as making anime girls have giant boobs when that also isn’t a common trait in Japan haha. Although solid butts are definitely fairly common


  3. Been so curious about that egg since chapter zero came out..
    I just love it regardless, all the great cameos like Duval haha
    But it’s so it an organic ancient weapon like Poseidon? Will it arise from the depths or soar down when they reach raftel?
    Is it a pheonix egg with Marco in it during one of his resurrection cycles since the void century haha?


  4. I can see the remnants of the Whitebeard pirates showing up with Nekomamushi.

    I’ve been adamant in calling Shinobu the traitor but after reading this ch I just don’t know. Tenguyama Hitetsu and his kokeshii doll collecting hobby is starting to be suspicious for mine.


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