Chapter Secrets – Chapter 956 in-depth analysis

As of today (past midnight), I turn 21 years old! And what a chapter to celebrate it with! Thank you so much Oda!

P.S.: Expect an update for the Library tomorrow!

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  1. This time I find it real hard to agree with a lot of stuff here. First of all, the timeline.

    Oda always makes a point to show us when things take place in the past – like the Morgans sequence. The whole Garp conversations, as well as the reactions, and as well as the news, are all happening in the same day Drake is talking to Koby and the marines are attacking the shichibukai.

    This is extremely important – the incident Garp was talking about IS the incident that the Government failed to cover up, as it is stated later right before we switch scenes to Kamabakka Kingdom.

    Let’s rewind; Morgans talks about 3 incidents; a death, the results of the Reverie, and an attempted murder. Garp clearly refers as one – or maybe even two – of the incident as happening after the Reverie ended and as they were leaving on their ships.
    The shocking news has nothing to do with Sabo’s death. There is no Sabo’s death on the paper.

    If you reread the reactions at Kamabakka, none of the characters involved is concerned about his safety, rather they are concerned about WHATEVER ACTIONS HE TOOK ON MARIE GIOISE.

    Another extremely important point; the WG failed to cover up the incident. And, as Pedro already told us before WCI started, the Marines and WG would never miss the chance to write that news. So why would they want to change it? Because apparently that’s the news they want to cover up.

    So; there’s a death. This death is most likely related to Cobra who, as we know, had a long time coming it.
    But there’s also an assassination attempt. That is most likely Vivi, as Im wanted her dead.
    And this is where, I believe, Sabo is connected; there’s a good chance Sabo actually realised the risk she was under and actually saved her and took her to safety. Which also means, to the eye of the public, that the Revolutionary Chief of Staff kidnapped a princess after a king was shot dead. We don’t know whether, on the news, Sabo was implied to have been Cobra’s murderer, however, I find this more likely than the whole “Sabo is dead” news, which makes close to no sense. Also, Oda would have no necessity to hide the fact that the incident Morgans was talking about was the attack of the Revs and the clash against the Admirals, as we already know that happened and the same goes for the rest of the world. Also, there is no time jump between scenes, except for the Morgans one.


    • but the clash between rev. army and admirals was happened on 4th day of reverie. from my understanding, cobra is still alive. at least until the last day of reverie.


    • It would not make sense with Dadan’s reaction… they say: “We just found out he was alive and then this”

      If it was merely something Sabo did, they would not say that


  2. Artur i was looking at the village that Weevil is and it looks like the same one Marco is at protecting what do you think?
    P.S. Happy 21


    • That’s exactly the impression I got random one piece fan haha. He wanted it in the war, then sent Burgess, his first mate, to get it..
      He failed, and then they raided Baltigo and missed another chance.
      now he gets a new opportunity so soon.
      Since it’s about Sabos “death” that’s immediately what I assumed BB was talking about.

      Oh and Artur, happy birthday buddy! 21 is a lot of fun, don’t get too drunk haha. If you’re still in Japan that’s pretty cool, is it a study abroad?
      The deeper into your 20s you get the more it blends together, I’m 27 and 22 onwards is just one big chunk


  3. Sabo’s death being staged would also fit with how chill Garp is. He might not be as fond of Sabo as he is of Ace and Luffy, but we know he was a part of Sabo’s childhood. Plus, Garp knows that Luffy would not be thrilled to find out that the brother he used to believe had died has in fact just been killed. I wonder if Garp is connected to Sword in any way…

    As for this chapter’s mysteries, my impressions were that Vivi’s disappearance/death is being blamed on the Revolutionaries, with Sabo supposedly being killed in the ensuing struggle. As for Blackbeard, he might be going to recruit teh Shichibukai/steal their fruits, or on the othe rhand be after the Revolutionaries.


    • That’s a great point about Garp! He’s incredibly lax for essentially having lost another grandson, even though his bond was nowhere as close with Sabo. This makes it all the more suspicious of him being in touch with SWORD


      • Blackbeard was definitely sailing out to recover Aces flame fruit, that’s the immediate impression I got..I mean he went to great lengths sending Burgess to get it in dressrosa, now wants to make sure he gets it personally, since it’s tied directly to this news report I couldn’t imagine it would be anything else


      • That’s a good point, although was Garp thaaat close to sabo? I mean, he visited a handful of times & met/punished him along with the boys, but he definitely didn’t have the same relationship with him he did with ace and Luffy, from birth, just his grandson’s childhood buddy that died early on, they lived the next like 5-6 years without him
        Although considering he talks to dragon on occasion maybe he knows him a little better
        Still, I don’t think he’d be broken up over it even remotely like about-to-murder-akainu levels haha.


  4. Man, Morgans is a goat. Back in WCI, he escaped right under BM Pirates without getting chased and now he is beating up CP agents and defying WG like it’s nothing. Now I want to see him possessing Conqueror Haki.


  5. Artur, are you expecting more Reverie?

    Btw, great work on putting the puzzles together and making sense of the chapter. I think you´r the closest one (fan) who can read Odas mind.

    My mind was set on Cobra being dead and Sabo was blamed for assassinating him. Sabo was in a sistuation where he and the commanders were unable to contact Dragon, probably busy saving Vivi or something. BUT I throw that idea out as soon as I got this chapter-secrets. I like this more then any IDEA out there.


    • hi i really loved to read this analysis and loved the pokemon reference XD i have one thing to add, i think that what blackbird wants to take is probably sabo’s fire-fire fruit as his crew wants this fruit for a long time and if the newspaper says that sabo is dead than maybe he just want his body


  6. Interesting thoughts on sword you got there. I think you’re on to something here.

    About the Blackbeard panel; I think he’s talking about the mera mera no mi, as he might actually believe the news about Sabo.


  7. Since the big news are apparently about Sabo’s “death”, do you think that what Teach is setting sail for might be the Mera mera no mi?


  8. Thanks for the analysis man! And happy birthday!

    I was wondering tho, wouldn’t Drake’s attack on Amigasa village be kind of against the moral and the whole idea of SWORD and it’s justice? I understand that he needs to keep his cover and obey orders and act the part of a Kaido’s subordinate, but if he uses any means to achieve that, how is that any different than Akainu’s justice?

    Also, when he and Koby were introduced to be SWORD members, it said Marine HQ, this should imply that they are under the command of the HQ, perhaps only fleet Admirals know about it? So Sengoku and now Akainu?


    • Answer: go to chapter 592 1rst page,and see whoisthe BIG BOSS of SWORD !! And, probably too, the son/grandson of yougoro of the flowers !! Just look to those two beautifull tatoos on each arm!!!!


  9. Man, I’m old. You weren’t even born when this manga started!

    This was one hell of a chapter, as usual when extensive worldbuilding is involved. I agree that the timeline is definitely confusing, especially with some of the translations out there claiming that the various kingdoms’ representative (aside from the Fishman Island royal family) are embarking to return to their respective homes a full week after the Reverie’s end.


  10. Could blackbeard be referring to wanting to obtain Sabo’s mera-mera fruit instead? I think it fits, especially given how the panel was placed right amongst the reactions to “Sabo’s death”.

    Regardless, so in-depth and well written. I cannot put into my words my appreciation for what you are doing and how much more you have helped me understand and follow the series.


  11. On the kings with baseball bats, it seemed to be me that the kings on the side were handing the baseball bats to the two in the middle. With it serving as a visual metaphor for how the stronger nations were using the weaker ones as proxies.

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    • Indeed both the official translation, and the fanscanlations do mention that it was a proxy war waged by the more powerful countries using the weaker ones.


  12. Happy birthday Arthur. And you said you’re just turned 21? Such a young and smart man you are, having a whole bunch of great articles which many people couldn’t even think about

    As an Indonesian, I’m ashamed of myaelf for not noticing Balinese ‘Pura’ among the scenes depicted by Oda. The clothes didn’t match Balinese though

    Great work as always
    Seems that while Oda was born to be the genius behind the whole mysteries of One Piece World, you are the one destined to be the genius who could dechiper his mysteries for all of us, the poor average reader of One Piece, to consume it easily

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  13. What a post to celebrate your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARTUR!!! Thx for every post and analysis you had done before! Keep going and enjoy ur day!!

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  14. somehow i feel like koby will tell hancock about luffy being jailed in wano. is this the hint about hancock will come to wano?, maybe


  15. when i first read, i didn’t get the feeling of sabo’s death was the news. i thought of sabo has taken the blam for something big. from the translation, ivankov said “this is sabo we’re talking about” kind of give off an “unbelievable” sense to the “action” that “sabo did”. the revolutionaries seems more “worried” than “sad”.

    also, with blackbeard, from the translation i read, he said “if they’re going to be picked up by the marines, i’ll just grab them first” he said “they” as in people? not “it” as in an “item”. but of course, this just might be translation issues.


  16. After such an intense chapter I was waiting for your analisys and once again you delivered ! Thanks for your work Arthur.

    For all the people thinking Blackbeard is going after the mera-mera no mi, I really don’t think that’s the case for multiple reasons :

    – he states he doesn’t want “it” falling in the hands of the marines, so if it was the mera-mera no mi, HOW would the marine get it ? As far as we know only Blackbeard has a way to take a fruit from the corpse of it’s user

    – I may be mistaken but when he took Whitebeard’s fruit, didn’t he imply that the process needed to be done a short time after death ? (or even right before death, can’t remember exactly) so it doesn’t make sense if Sabo is believed to be already dead, as it would take multiple days to get there …

    – other possibility is that he knows where the fruit will grow again now that the user is dead (presumably, I don’t believe Sabo is dead I fully agree with Arthur on that) but if that was the case, why didn’t he go after it after Ace’s death ?

    – If it was the mera-mera no mi he’s after, why did he just send Burgess after it in Dressrosa instead of setting sail with his full power at that time ?

    For all those reasons I really don’t think that’s what he’s after ! To me the other hypotheses I saw are much more likely : either going after the former shishibukais (unlikely due to the use of “it” and not “them”), might be related to Pluto (if somehow the connection between Alabasta and the weapon is made somwhere ?) or as some implied as well the road poneglyph on Whole cake island (if the news of Big Mom being on Wano was leaked somehow ?

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  17. Was Drake recruiting Law for SWORD referring to Law’s words in ch. 954 “If letting me escape is your plan, then, I’ll happily join in.”


  18. The news is probably not that Sabo died but that he killed Cobra or Vivi. He’s possibly been framed for their deaths (even though Vivi might be kept hostage by Im). That’s why regular citizens cry and the reason Stelly’s wife is also crying. The Revolutionaries’ reaction also makes more sense if they’ve read Sabo has done something evil and out of character: they accuse Morgans of being a liar and want to confirm the news.


  19. first of all, happy birthday Artur. so, you are younger than One Piece 😀

    another great analysis, especially about Sword Initiative. I hope we can get more about this before War on Onigashima. I love the idea of another entity besides WG/Marines but not Revo Army. which partially explained about Kuzan’s status.

    so many mysteries in this chapter. so many information to swallow… so confusing.. :p

    the Incident regarding Alabasta Kingdom, I want more of this!! this particular kingdom is so intriguing. they possess poneglyph but also one of WG founding kingdoms. which are contradicting… I wonder if WG knew about the Alabasta’s Poneglyph? since a mere Shichibukai like Crocodile is already knew about it. and perhaps the ‘incident’ is a judgement from WG/Im to Nefertari Family?

    anyway, it will be great if the information regarding Poneglyph or Ancient Weapon to be exposed to the world. which is matched up with “incident that Government failed to cover”. if this true, I wont’ be surprised if what Teach are meant to obtain are indeed the Ancient Weapon Pluton!

    oh one more thing, I guess Koby recent rank is legit. he’s a Rear Admiral now. most likely he contributed a lot in defending Mary Geoise from Revo’s attack on the 4th day Reverie. something like defeating one of the Revo Commander. or even the one who killed Sabo? (oh no…)


  20. Happy Birthday !
    just one think, what if SWORD create long ago by Garp, Sangoku and Tsuru ?
    that explain why Drake and Koby involve now .
    About Sabo, I’m in with Vivi rescue, Cobra death due to gorosei, and what if Bonney was part of that too?
    Next chapter more reaction with Kureha, Rebecca ?


  21. The shield are CP0. The sword… go see the 1rst page of volume 592, and meet the BIG BOSS of SWORD, and probably, the son/grandson of old man yogoro of the flowers !!!!


  22. why must coby talk about “the sword force” with hancok ? if it is smoker or tachigi or anyone else it will be ok but why hancok ‘a pirate’ ? mybe he will be surprised if he knew that she love luffy and he will change his plans and will talk to her about luffy news and mybe he will help her for that reason . but he will not talk about a force that even the top marines don’t know about it !!

    and i think wapol mybe want te talk about vivi realationship with the straw hats


  23. otanjoubi omedeto Artur-dono! awesome post ! banzaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I think all the higher ups know in one way or another about SWORD! Garp and sengoku must be in on it, if not members pertaining to the said-squad, i think even Akainu is in on it for the simple reason that he just doesn’t like the fact that the WG is in control of things around the world, I think that once he became Fleet Admiral his perspective changed a lot, and that little altercation he had with fujitora was just a charade maybe because Kizaru is loyal to the WG, after all he’s the only one remaining of the old system, perhaps to keep a close eye on the marines on behalf of The WG ! thanks again for your hard work ! gokurousan !


  24. Dear Artur, so the three pieces of BIG NEWS hinted by Morgan supposedly are:
    1) an assassination attempt [towards Vivi – let’s get it as certain -]
    2) the abolition of the Shikibukai
    3) the death of Sabo [supposedly reported as a direct consequence of his attempt to assassinate Alabasta princess Vivi: in fact, what seems to cause shocked reactions among the revolutionaries and Sabo’s friends was not something as ‘simple’ as a reported death of him, but rather something related to his actions; as a hint to this, you can note that Dragon’s statement is that he wants to ‘confirm the FACTS’.
    But then, if the real reasons behind Sabo’s death (let us forget for a moment that this has to be confirmed yet) were distorted from the higher ups (marine or world government), why there was a need to send a CP agent to silent Morgan? [and again, let pretend to be sure about the piece of news that needed to be silenced, i.e. n° 1.)

    I try to answer like this:
    – seen from the Marine perspective, the infiltration of revolutionaries brings grate shame on the “lords” of Justice (Headquarter, fleet Admiral and the militaries in general..)
    – the CP agent knocked out by Morgan was not a member of CP-0: so, we could suppose he’s working under the order of the Marines but not *directly* under the world nobles
    – the world nobles, particularly speaking of the Gorosei (Im’s executives) bring forward their own motives and have already been seen to disguise their methods of action also to the highest Marine members themselves: in fact CP0 exists to keep everything secret, both to the Marine organisation and to worldwide countries; to the Gorosei’ perspective, Vivi’s assassination is simply the realisation of Im’s will…
    So, we can try to deduce: Gorosei/Im made use of [unpredicted also to them?] Sabo’s attack to make everyone believe (also the Marines) that his goal was Vivi [and who knows, if the same infiltration of the Revolutionaries was what made Gorosei’ assasination of Vivi fail…?!); Marines, on their side, believed that such an incident put great shame on them and so tried (through a generic CP1-8 agent) to silence Morgan.

    Last words about two important topics in the chapter:
    – Garp personifies Oda’s voice in the page where he analyse world political powers: an unending war of balance masked as a balance of powers. Transposable from the OP world, Oda tells his view of our real world
    – Morgan’s speech about the freedom of News reporting is great and, to enrich it, it’s accompanied by the brilliant analysis that just putting together pieces of news (“as a DJ”) is an act of creation: new pieces of news come out from that blending and “truth”. This remind of the important message left , among others, by movie director Orson Welles in “the 4th power”

    And, last but not least, Happy Birthday “young” Artur.


  25. Happy birthday bro…you are not even born when op was publish, yet your knowledge about one piece is far details… Great job!


  26. Happy birthday!!! For your age, you are very wise, carefull on your analisys and know a lot about the world (no just the world of One Piece, but I’m always amazed by the culture and architetural references you get)… Very impressive, keep it that way.

    Reading your post, i came to another possibility: Sabo killed a Celestial Dragon, what would chock people from all the world, would be something the WG would want to cover up, and would be as a death sentence fo Sabo, justifing the reactions from people who like him (and a concern for the revolutionaries, because it would drive to much atention on them).

    I also was thinking what happen with Lucci and the Shirahoshi incident, I think Sabo’s action may relate to it.

    I love when a chapter brings more questions then answers.


  27. Morgan getting a message from Wapol is probably about Alabasta Kingdom. Remember his history with King Cobra from one of the previous Reveries(he slapped Vivi when she was still a little kid)…


  28. Hey Artur, unless I’m forgetting something but isn’t this the first time everyone from Foosha Village have heard Sabo is alive since chronologically he was revealed to be alive to Luffy just a few weeks before the current events. I think the reactions are tears of joy similar to Luffy when he saw Sabo in dressrosa!
    PS Happy Birthday!


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