Chapter Secrets – Chapter 947 in-depth analysis

Hey everyone, sorry that I didn’t work on Chapter Secrets yesterday, but my computer broke down and is out for repairs, so I had to have someone else lend me their laptop. Still, wanted to put as much effort into this as I could like always, so enjoy the analysis!

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  1. now I want to say that the bubble whitebeard was using was Ryuuou and the shattering effect was caused by the gura gura no mi (enhanced shattering : because the type of haki whitebeard must’ve honed is busoushoku obviously, so when a normal ryuuou could shatter the surrounding environment , a tremor-imbued one could lay the area to waste), but kurohige/Teach seemed to stop the bubble with Kurouzu (black vortex), so I don’t know if stopping the “bubble” and loosing focus could subsequentyl result in errr. … disrupting the flow ?


  2. as to uour comment about the cannons installed on queen’s ship, perhaps the latter seized or sank a navy battleship ( i am not surprised, as kaidou sank some before as is mentioned in his introduction, either queen somehow got his hand on a marine ship studied and eventually reinvented the cannons, or kaido told him about the location in which he sank the ships, or it is a technology deal that involves cp-0, i cannot disregard another possibility linking queen with Vegapunk , i might be taking this far lol), or queen being tech-savvy could have something to do with them in the sense that he invented them from scratch !

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  3. 1. eicchan forgot to draw queen’s mecha arm. he did too last chapter.
    2. jack being the youngest sibling, and ‘queen 03’ only means one thing: ace is still alive!!1
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT!!!


    • I don’t think it is a mistake. It looks like Zoans work this way. Choppers antlers are gone when he turns into his human form, even the mechanicaly repaired one. I think this is how the Devil Fruit works, if they transform the animal body takes the place of the original, and the animal does not have injury. and I think the animal form can has different injuries than the “host” if it was injured during the transformation.


  4. Gotta love Qyeens plan and his facial expressions……………….Ussop vibes…hahahaha.

    One thing i learn about One Piece is One piece is about hype and exaggeration. Main bad guy of the arc is hyped and Oda shows that when the bad guy one shots Luffy. It´s like one shoting Luffy is a golden rule. Your a fodder if can´t one shot Luffy. from Croco to Lucci..and so on Luffy gets one shoted and in the end of the arc luffy fights on par with them. Kaido is no different and Oda is showing how will Luffy overcome Kaido once he masters this advanced level of haki.

    If Luffy masters this level of haki he may not need another power up. because he can stay in his base-form since it is the effective way to fight and damage Kaido. Luffy can use both future sight and advance haki in his base form therefor power up is not necessary.

    Yes, if Luffy get a power up where he can use both future sight with advanced arm..combined with his devil fruit then it´s fine. Otherwise Luffy should stay in his base-form and fight Kaido.


  5. I just got a theory or I should say a speculation. We already know that Big Mom has an unstable mind and what if that unstable mind has something to do with the debt Kaido has. Maybe Kaido got at some point a little bit of Big Moms soul and since this is still her soul which connects with her body and mind, that could kind of explain her amnesia and her falling asleep in the middle of all this.

    Oda has to explain how she got amnesia and why she fell asleep because this seems kind of retarded.

    Besides that, great analysis!


  6. Hey Artur. Love your analysis . Keep up the good work. These are like chapter .5 for me and help with the wait.

    Just a quick thing i noticed, when Queen is ordering the restraint of big mom, in the translation i read, he says for them to bring tranquilizers strong enough for 100 horses.

    Since we learn in Cake island that big mom skin cant be punctured by anything if shes not under super stress, what do u make of it?

    Translation error? Oda slipped up? Queen didnt know ? Or do they have a methods of piercing her skin do to having to find a way to sedate Kaido sometimes?


  7. The chart over Haki is way wrong (for instance, Luffy knows future sight in some regard but for him it is an off shoot from the emotion category and Ryuou and inbuing is the same thing/category as Hyogoro explained the latest chapters. Ryuou is basically using the “imbuing” without an object in your hand) and the 03 is super obviously in regard to it being Queen’s third ship.


  8. Just wanted to point out that Kiku is revealed as male in the most recent chapter if I´m reading things.
    Which makes all the previous scenes where Sanji cries over him(Kiku) throwing at Zorro all the more hillarios.

    Can´t wait to see Sanjis face when he finds out Kiku is male. XD


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