One Piece Magazine Vol 6 (new information!)

Hey everyone! The One Piece Magazine released about a week ago and from it came a bunch of new miscellaneous information, some of it brand new canon info and some of it just amusing information. Let’s go over everything of interest!


First, the important canon information:

1. Article on Wano and the Beasts Pirates

The big piece of the Magazine, it featured a big article on Wano and the Beasts Pirates. This article is written as if it were part of a newspaper, done from the perspective of “special reporter Y”, who went to Wano to write said article:


Most of the pages are just a summary of stuff from Wano, but the one of particular interest was this section on the Beasts Pirates, with new information on Kaido and the All-Stars! The translation was provided by EtenBoby and typesetted by myself:

(read from right to left, like you do with manga)

Beasts Pirates information

New information inferred from this article:

– Kaido is believed to have eaten a Mythical Zoan devil fruit, it’s implied this turns him into a dragon. His species is unknown
– Queen is very agile despite his obese body. The three All-Stars are once again hinted at to be siblings
– Ginrummy is revealed to be a headliner

Timeline of events of the Wano Country, translated and typesetted by me:


What’s particularly interesting about this page is the fact that it shows us a never-seen-before scene of a panel from Chapter 920. This shows a little beyond the three Calamities, showing… a Fourth All-Star??? The shading is certainly very different from the rest of smoke and fire, so could it be?



If you’d like an absurd take on who this is, feel free to check this sheer madness.

2. Fruit forms of the Hito Hito no Mi and Hana Hana no Mi

Next, the Magazine provided our first ever looks into the fruit forms of the Hito Hito no Mi (Chopper’s fruit) and Hana Hana no Mi (Robin’s fruit)! (The text next to them are just generic descriptions, so don’t worry about them)

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 3.26.47 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-24 at 3.26.53 PM

3. Sword Encyclopedia

The Magazine included a Blade Encyclopedia, focusing on blades related to Wano, but unfortunately, unlike mine (cough cough), it does not include anything particularly new and it’s just generic summaries.


However, a few points of interest:

– The Meito blade from the Loguetown novel, Yamaoroshi, pertaining to the captain of the Yes Pirates, Billy, whose canonicity in the past was debated, is now confirmed to be canon
– King is confirmed to use the sword he carries around and to be a swordsman
– Article hints at the connection between the Kouzuki stonemasons and many of the Meito blades crafted in Wano

4. Early Designs

Another section showed some designs for characters in Wano. Nothing too interesting, but here’s some early designs for Kanjuro, several of which served as the basis for Raizo’s future design.


Here instead are more finalized designs for Raizou. It seems he might’ve been able (or might still be able) to glide with the large tsuna-like rhomboids on his back.


5. New Character and Devil Fruit

And finally, the Law novel introduced a brand new canon character. His name: Artur Bacca! Finally, someone who shares my identical name!

Artur possesses the canon Paramecia fruit Dero Dero no Mi, which is a melting fruit that allows him to melt things via laser beams from his eyes as well as being able to melt himself, letting Artur become molten liquid. The fruit also has the ability to “melt peoples’ hearts”, giving Artur the ability to seize control of them. Unless the user is knocked out within 24 hours, the victim whose heart has been seized will die. This fruit is absolutely busted, but hey, you certainly won’t catch me complaining.

The name, Dero Dero, refers to a Japanese expression for being in a state where you’re half-conscious, likely referring to the state caused by the fruit’s powers. I guess one way to translate could be the Dizzy Dizzy fruit, but not sure if that represents it best.

Followingly, here is other artwork and drawings that aren’t particularly important or relevant:

A fan asked Oda to draw a what if scenario where Zoro has the Gomu Gomu no Mi and Rayleigh laughing at his clumsiness. Oda however preferred the idea of a Zoro that fully mastered the fruit, but still included a laughing Rayleigh to fulfill the request:

proxy-6proxy-5Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 4.04.06 PM

Artwork from the One Piece x Kyoto event:


Large Nami poster included with the Magazine:


That’s all the relevant information I could find in this magazine! Want to buy it for yourself? Support One Piece officially by buying it from one of these retailers!

Amazon Japan, worldwide shipping and English instructions (just click the “EN” icon)

CDJapan, worldwide shipping and fully in English

But wait, one final thing! The next One Piece Magazine, Volume 7, will be coming out very soon, on August 9th! Coinciding on the release of Stampede, it will include a bunch of new information on the movie!

D9BDU-4XoAEwkmL copy

Here’s a summary of its contents, provided once again by the ever-reliable EtenBoby:

  • Cover and poster drawn by Oda
  • Showing the process of the movie’s production
  • Guide to the characters of Stampede
  • Following the footsteps of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger
  • Interview of the director and the movie’s guest cast members
  • Showcase of the movie’s location island
  • Oda’s designs for the movie
  • Kohei Tanaka (the anime’s composer) talks about One Piece
  • Interview with WANIMA, the band doing the movie’s song
  • New “what if” scenario request drawn
  • New devil fruit forms shown for one or more fruits
  • Final chapter of the Law novel
  • In-depth look at the creature Kashigami
  • Bounty poster of Usopp included

I’ll be going to watch the movie myself, so stay tuned for all sorts of new information around the beginning of August!



  1. As always great Job Artur.
    There has been talks among the fans that there are alot plot-conveniences in Wano. I think this article cleared up a few of those conveniences.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sasuga Artur-dono, but I just cannot see Carrot being the traitor, if she was (which is plausible by some feat, although chronologically disproven) , then I’d be surprised, that bit of development, i just can’t see it. The all-stars being siblings must be true, which further ascertains Carrot not being the fourth commander, in the sense that they are all belong to human/giant categories. I think the fourth one would be a completely new character, someone of whom we know not, you know the kind of antagonists that further the main villain’s plot and are crucial for them, think of him as Wonderweiss in bleach ! but hey that’s just my take !and the fact that a traitor from the minkuzoku remains!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I already see why it is not Carrot. What we see from Kinemon’s flashback was 20 years ago. Carrot did not live at this time. And if she already lived at that time, making a time travel into the future, as well as Kinemon or Momonusuke, then I wonder how Carrot could have the claw weapons in the past if she got them from Pedro in the future? The theory that it should be Carrot does not work.


  3. Ohhh S***, I just had an idea, Bear with me please, What if the fourth commander is not from the mink tribe, the most plausible scenario would be a human/giant with blonde hair and strong as hell, Yes I think it might be Edward Fricking Weevil, and Bakkin might’ve borne Kaido’s children! the fact that she was on the same ship as whitebeard and the latter is speculated to have been on the ship that carried Kaido and Big Mom ,I mean part of the Rox ! a Second Possibility would be Marco, that might be the secret that he needed to tell Nekomamushi, maybe he was not like the rest of his brothers and is reluctant to fight them, he has a mythical devil fruit as well!
    what do you think guys / @ARTUR ? This is pretty far-fetched but it’s worth a shot! good day !


    • That reminds me of the physical similarities people noted between Jack and Weevil when both of them were introduced a few chapters apart during the Zou arc.


  4. I’m all for calamity carrot, but unlikely. what if pedro was the traitor, that is why he wanted the poneglyph of big mom, so give it to kaidou


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