Chapter Secrets – Chapter 942 in-depth analysis

Who’s excited for the FFVII Remake? I’m excited for the FFVII Remake! Let’s begin this week’s analysis!

One Piece Chapter 942 1One Piece Chapter 942 2One Piece Chapter 942 3One Piece Chapter 942 4





  1. thank you for the good work arthur senpai.
    i was thinking what if zoro is yasu’s son. 20 years ago when kaido raid wano kuni. zoro was send to khoushiro in east blue in order to save him. what do you think arthur.


  2. I am proud to announce I have finally noticed something that Artur didn’t!
    In the third panel of page two, there is a samurai with crossed swords symbols on both sides of his clothing, the same symbols Zoro’s master has on his vest! In fact, refer to the very image of him featured in this analysis, and you will see the crossed swords. That should be another one of the many references indicating a connection between Zoro’s backstory and the Wano Country 🙂

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  3. Luffy wants to learn Dragon Claw Fist Dragon Breath, the very attack Sabo exploded the ring in Dressrossa. Always wondering how he did that? But now I know, advanced armament haki. Luffy wants to learn that attack by throwing a punch not by using his palm.


  4. Artur, as always, thanks for your great work! Reading your analysis is the highlight of the week.

    I wonder if in the flashback Oden is eating actual oden, which can sometimes be eaten on a skewer.


  5. The first time I read this chapter and saw oden silhouette. I feel like there’s a slice of Green bull a.k.a Ryokugyu on Oden silhouette. I don’t know about this, but I hope I was wrong.


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