Chapter Secrets – Chapter 934 in-depth analysis

The scene has moved away from the palace and now seems to be moving to the prison. But while this is a setup chapter, what a setup chapter! So much new that we’ve learned!

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    • Hahaha yeah, Artur is usually on top of theorizing further about clues, from the Rock’s to Linlin possessed by Carmel
      I took this as the first big clue Zoro really might be Ryuumas descendant, or at least some ancestor from wano wandered and got lost out in the grand line/blues and was zoros grandpa haha
      But he might just be playing it safe and keeping it close to the vest til he gets more info since it isnt much to go on yet


      • haha well, and obviously his swordmaster from East Blue definitely seems to be from Wano, thats the more logical answer but still, i really want Zoro to have an awesome tie to the arc and earn Shusui like sanji got in WCI


    • first , Artur you’re the man! keep it up !

      Hi Mitch, yeah i found it sort of weird that Zoro knew something in that dialect, it might be something he picked from Koushiro as mentioned by Artur, or it could be that Zoro was sent by Lady Toki ahead in time, i have seen some people theorizing that Zoro might actually be Ryuuma’s son or relative that happened to meet Lady Toki through her “occasional” leaping! add to that, this is pretty much far-fetched, what if that language/dialect has something to do with the language inscribed on the poneglyphs!


  1. Are you sure it’s eight days? The mention of nine days till the festival was on the last page of Chapter 933, which stated it was “the next morning”, so that last page and this whole chapter should be on the same day. Unless I’m misunderstanding something.


  2. Hey, Artur! Great job again with this Chapter Secrets, it’s really facinating to read your anallysis. Did you notice that in this chapter it’s the second time we can see Sanji’s both eyes? Even if it’s just a small fragment, there really are 2 eyes in his face… the first time was when he finds out Luffy’s new bounty after Whole Cake Island arc.


    • Haha I mean, I know you’re just talking about seeing both at once..but saying “there really are two eyes in his face”
      I mean, we know that haha, before the timeskip his hair was covering the opposite eye, and he switched sides post time skip. That’s how we know his eyebrows swirl in different directions and have seen both his eyes


      • Top mysteries of OP:

        1-Does One Piece exist (or it’s the power of friendship and freedom? – Natsu Dragneel here)?
        2-Will Zoro opens his eye?
        2.2-What will happen if Zoro uses more than 30% of his power?
        3-Does Sanji have 2 eyes?

        You can say whatever you want, it’s a fact that before time skip he was showing his other eye, but what proof do we have that he really has 2 eyes?! Hahahahahaha.

        I’m kidding, but it’s nice to see some panels where Sanji shows both eyes after so many years.


  3. No mention of Kid’s escape on Arthur’s excellent analysis. Will he come back with Killer? or does he has a different plan than Luffy? So many characters and plot threads to keep in mind


  4. I believe King Baum says that even the children aren’t allowed to carry around Vivre cards in chapter 843 or so.


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